A new gym, HEW Fitness, is expected to open Oct. 1 in the Towne Lake community, offering trainer-driven sessions to allow for easier workouts.

“Everybody wants to work out, but to try and create your own program, go through learning what to do in the gym, and finding the motivation to go, it can be a daunting process,” co-owner John Szarszewski said. “Instead, we take all of that work out. You just show up, and we will have a warm-up created and we will explain everything.”

HEW Fitness is a Florida-based gym franchise, and Woodstock will be its 17th location.

Szarszewski said trainers will coach visitors through the workouts in a group atmosphere and setting, both indoors and outdoors, and both virtual and in-person.

“It’s functional fitness, so it’s a mix of weight training, cardio, high-intensity training, plyometrics, and some fun stuff like flipping tires and climbing ropes,” Szarszewski said. “We’ll even do some gymnastics, like teaching somebody how to do a handstand. The big thing is these workouts are accessible to everyone.”

Szarszewski said the fitness center will conduct 11 classes a day. A free session is offered for those who may be interested to test the program out. HEW Fitness will also offer free classes in the parking lot and courtyard area of the fitness center starting Sept. 13 leading up to the opening. These classes start at 5:30 and 8 a.m., and 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. Classes will also be held Saturdays at 7 and 8 a.m. For information on classes, visit try.hewfitness.com/hew-woodstock-phase-1-general and contact woodstock@hewfitness.com. The first 100 people who sign up will receive a 45% discount on monthly memberships.

“If you’re committed to us, then we will be committed to you,” Szarszewski said. “If you tell me your goals, I will hold you to them.”

Szarszewski owns and operates the gym with his sister, Meghan Geisler. The two moved from South Florida late last year. Other family members such as Szarszewski’s wife Christina Szarszewski, and Geisler’s husband Aaron Geisler will also play a part in the day-to-day operations.

“It’s a family affair,” Geisler said.

Both siblings have long backgrounds in health and fitness. Szarszewski said he graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in criminal justice, but he soon realized his passion lay elsewhere.

“I found myself in the gym more than I would be in class,” he said. “The gym was my sanctuary, and it served as a way for me to keep my head on straight. When my friends wanted to go out late and party, I knew I wanted to be at the gym early in the morning the next day.”

After graduating, Szarszewski said he started at HEW Fitness’s first location in Jupiter, Fla. as a part-time coach. Eventually, he said he fell in love with the profession and decided he wanted to take the role full-time. Szarszewski co-owned a HEW fitness center in South Florida for eight years prior to moving to Cherokee County. Geisler added that she and her brother grew up living a healthy lifestyle because of their parents. This also played a part in the two becoming interested in opening a gym.

“We want to bring our four values of faith, family, fitness, and fun,” Szarszewski. “We want to change lives, and we are going to focus on getting people healthier, one person at a time.”

Geisler added that the siblings have put their heart and soul into the fitness center, and she is excited to help change lives.

HEW Fitness is located at 1428 Towne Lake Parkway, near Sprouts Farmers Market in Woodstock. There is one other Georgia location in Roswell. Szarszewski said they may expand HEW Fitness into Canton and other metro Atlanta areas.


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