Deputies from the Free Home precinct of the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office will be interacting with members of the public Tuesday night, as the agency holds one of its regular town hall meetings.

The 6:30 p.m. event will be held at Revolution Church on Union Hill Trail.

“Ideally, we like for each precinct to hold a town hall meeting one or two times a year,” CSO Director of Communications Jay Baker said. “The town hall meetings are organized by the individual precinct commander. Typically, it’s an opportunity for the public to come out and meet the deputies patrolling their area and to discuss current crime trends.”

During town hall meetings like this, Baker said Sheriff Frank Reynolds will usually speak for a few minutes to open up the meeting, giving attendees a general overview of what is going on in the sheriff’s office. Although Reynolds tries to limit his time to around 20 minutes, Baker said he does try to take a few questions from those in attendance. Following Reynolds’ comments, the precinct commander will give a Power Point presentation featuring the latest crime statistics, tips on preventing crime, information about the precinct area and the shifts patrolling the area. The presentation then wraps up with a question and answer session, with the citizens able to have one-on-one conversations with the deputies and get to know them better after the meeting has officially concluded.

Baker said attendance at events like these varies, but at the last town hall meeting for the Free Home precinct, there were around 80 people in attendance. With this in mind, Baker said the deputies there are hoping for a crowd of 100 or more.

No matter how large or small the crowd is, Baker said the town hall series held by the sheriff’s office has been very well received by residents throughout the county.

“We get very positive feedback from the community,” he said. “These type of meetings allow the deputies and the citizens to meet face to face and establish relationships that can really be beneficial to everyone involved.”

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