Grad Jump CCSD

“Grad Jump” photographed by Carrie McGowan was named best in category for photography at the Georgia School Public Relations Association’s Annual Publications, Photography & Electronic Media Contest.

The Cherokee County School District won top awards for communications and community engagement including two “Best in State” top honors.

The Georgia School Public Relations Association’s Annual Publications, Photography and Electronic Media Contest recognizes outstanding work by public schools, school systems, post-secondary institutions, and educational agencies and associations. The winners were announced at the Association’s Annual Conference in October; CCSD earned the highest total number of awards presented with 17 Gold Awards – including two “Best in State” honors — and four Silver Awards.

“These awards recognize our long-standing commitment to effective communications, community engagement and transparency,” Superintendent Brian Hightower said. “I’m proud of the Office of Communications’ daily work to ensure our community understands who we are, what we do, and, most importantly, our why – to not only educate every child for future success, but also to care for them and their well-being.”

The award-winning staff members will be recognized by the Cherokee County School Board and superintendent at the School Board’s Nov. 21 meeting.

BEST IN CATEGORYCategory: PhotographyFor “Grad Jump” photographed by Carrie McGowan, supervisor of strategic planning, community relations and publications.

Category: NewsletterFor the District Delegate monthly employee newsletter edited by Penny Dempsey, coordinator of events and recognition programs.


Category: Crisis Communications

Gold Award

♦ Barbara Jacoby, chief communications officer

♦ Carrie McGowan

Category: Excellence in Writing

Gold Awards, “Teacher of the Year Finalist Announcement” and “#CCSD1stDay”

♦ Barbara Jacoby

Category: Internet Website Gold Award

♦ Carrie McGowan

♦ Barbara Jacoby

Category: Newsletter

Gold Award, CCSD Connections parent newsletter

♦ Barbara Jacoby

Gold Award, Connection Points employee newslettter

♦ Bobby Blount, chief information officer

♦ Robby Carmichael, executive director of information technology

♦ Brad Orth, executive director of business information systems

♦ Shannon Carroll, supervisor of ♦ instructional technology

♦ Jennifer Scrivner, supervisor of research

♦ Chris Saxon, supervisor of technology field services

♦ Karla Tipton, supervisor of technology support services

♦ Derek Brock, facilitator of technology support services

♦ Matt Roper, facilitator of technology support services

♦ Jeremy Gravley, manager of technology logistics

♦ Marsha Pickens, administrative assistant

♦ Kaity Littlefield, copy editor/support clerk

Category: Photography

Gold Awards, “Teacher of the Year” and “Region Champs”

♦ Carrie McGowan

Category: Social Media Gold Award

CCSD Office of Communications

Category: Special Event

Gold Awards, “2019 Legacy Makers: CCSD Teachers of the Year Celebration,” “CCSD 2019 Support Staff Employee of the Year Awards” and “Partner Up! with CCSD”

♦ Penny Dempsey

♦ Anne Reed, Executive Secretary for Office of Communications

♦ Barbara Jacoby

Category: Special Purpose Publication

Gold Award, 2019 Legislative Partnership Priorities

♦ Carrie McGowan

♦ Mike McGowan, chief of staff

Silver Award, CCSD FY20 Budget

♦ Kenneth Owen, chief financial officer

♦ Marjorie DeFrank, executive director of financial management

♦ Tina Farmer, director of school nutrition

♦ Shannon Nolan, director of procurement services

♦ Mindy Woosley, supervisor of accounting and budgets

♦ Connie Henderson, supervisor of payroll

♦ Jenna Williams, coordinator of financial compliance and reporting

♦ Tammie Hunter, administrative assistant for office of financial management

Category: Annual Report

Silver Award

♦ Carrie McGowan

Category: Electronic Media

Silver Awards, “Bronco’s Surprise” and “#CCSD1stDay”

CCSD Office of Communications

Category: Marketing Campaign

Silver Award, #SafeCherokee

CCSD Office of Communications.

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