CCSD Minecraft challenge winners

Woodstock Elementary fifth-graders in the class of teacher Carla Page won first and second place. From left to right, front row: Lincoln May, Brendan Maude, Jasmine Harris, Madelyn Singletary; back row: Alden Chudy, Lauren Hunter, Hailey Heneghan.

The Cherokee County School District is celebrating the winners of its first-ever Minecraft Challenge.

Students from across CCSD were challenged by the Office of Technology and Information Services to design a “school of the future,” with a focus on ensuring this school for 100 years from now would be more accessible, inclusive and sustainable.

More than 120 entries were received from teams at all grade levels; 23 finalists were selected, and from that group, overall winners were named.

Woodstock Elementary School fifth-graders earned the top two prizes, with the team of Alden Chudy, Brendan Maude and Lincoln May winning first and Jasmine Harris, Hailey Heneghan, Lauren Hunter and Madelyn Singletary winning second; both teams were coached by teacher Carla Page.

The Little River Elementary School team of Adrian Perez Arciniegas and Wyatt Hilton, coached by teacher Samantha Westerlind, and the Woodstock High School team of Justin Court, Kyle Cuthburt and Ian Miller, coached by teacher Sonya Breaux, tied for third.

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