The Cherokee County school board has given the green light to a new map, which would change the boundaries of each board member’s district in response to population shifts shown in 2020 census data.

The board voted unanimously Thursday to pass the map on to the Cherokee County legislative delegation, which is expected to vote on local maps sometime after November’s special session for congressional and legislative redistricting.

If approved by state lawmakers, the map would shift parts of District 5, which includes Woodstock High School, westward into what is now part of District 4, which includes Etowah High School. At the same time, part of District 3, which covers southeast Cherokee including River Ridge High School, would be absorbed into District 5, and two smaller areas of District 5 would be District 3.

District 1, which includes Holly Springs, would expand north into District 6, which covers northwest Cherokee and most of the western part of the county. Parts of District 6 and District 3 would also expand east into what is now District 2, which covers most of east and northeast Cherokee.

The proposed map brings population numbers in each district closer together, ranging from 44,414 to 44,453 people.

Under the current map, the district with the largest population is District 3, which represents southeast Cherokee including River Ridge High School, with 46,092 people, followed by District 5, which includes Woodstock High School, with 45,925 people. The smallest population is in District 4, which covers southwest Cherokee including Etowah High School, with 40,671.

Cherokee County grew by 52,274 people in the last decade, or 24.4%, census data shows. As of 2020, the county’s total population is 266,620.

CCSD spokesperson Barbara Jacoby previously told the Tribune the May primaries will likely be the first election with the new map.

The new map has no effect on which schools students attend.


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