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Reinhardt University’s nursing program pinned nine graduates Nov. 30.

Reinhardt University celebrated the fifth cohort of nine graduates from the Cauble School of Nursing and Health Science with a long-standing tradition in the nursing community — the Pinning Ceremony. The ceremony was held at the Falany Performing Arts Center on Nov. 30.

“The nursing pinning is a very special event that we look forward to with each cohort,” said Dr. LeAnne Wilhite, Dean of the Cauble School of Nursing. “It celebrates the transition from student to professional nurse, and they get to share that with their loved ones. It is truly a memory that will last a lifetime for these students. We are so very proud of this group of students and know they are going to do great things!”

Students are also presented with the Lamp of Knowledge. The lamp commemorates Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. During the Crimean War, Nightingale would visit the room of each patient during night, carrying a lamp. She became known as the “The Lady with the Lamp.” Today this lamp is a symbolize of the light a nurse becomes to patients.

Congratulations to Reinhardt University’s Cauble School of Nursing and Health Sciences — Class of 2021!

Melissa Briggs

Sarah Marie Byess

Rebecca Claire Dillon

Lauren Nicole Gilreath

Isabella Avery Shepherd

Emilee Claire Ross

Talbot Lee Tindall-Balch

Ashlyn Elizabeth Tuttle

Madison Lee Williams


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