Four accidents involving commercial trucks within six days challenged Cherokee County first responders and drivers over the past week.

There was one minor injury associated with the crashes.

The most visible of the crashes occurred midday Monday when a log truck overturned on the Lower Bethany Road bridge over Interstate 575. According to public safety agencies, logs tumbled off the bridge down onto the interstate, completely blocking all four lanes. One driver was unable to avoid hitting the logs and suffered a minor injury. The road was cleared and reopened a couple of hours later.

That followed an incident on May 9 in which Ga. Highway 140 was blocked for most of the day when a truck hauling powdered lime overturned and spilled its load. The incident happened just before 4 a.m. and was finally cleared about 12 hours later.

On Tuesday about 4 p.m., drivers in the Waleska area had to find alternate routes to their destinations as the intersection of Ga. Highway 140 and Ga. Highway 108 was closed because of an incident involving a tractor-trailer.

According to information from the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office and the Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency, a tractor-trailer driving through the area brought down power lines into the road at the intersection.

“Georgia Power is on the scene. We have not got an ETA yet of when the road will be open,” Cherokee Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Jay Baker said shortly after the incident occurred. The repairs took about eight hours and the intersection reopened overnight.

From information gathered at the scene, Baker said the incident occurred when the truck attempted to turn south onto Ga. Highway 140 from Ga. Highway 108 and struck a power pole, which pulled the pole and the wires down.

The final incident occurred about 9 p.m. Tuesday night when a tractor-trailer wound up in a jack knifed position across Ga. Highway 140 at Salacoa Road. The road was cleared and reopened by about 6 a.m., authorities reported.

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