In response to requests from residents to restrict large truck traffic on several county roads, the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners will be conducting a public hearing on the issue at its next meeting.

County Commissioners approved a law restricting large truck access to certain roads in 2015, before updating the list of roads included in the ordinance in 2017 and 2019. Under the proposed changes up for consideration at the next board of commissioners meeting, an additional seven roads would not allow for large trucks to use them unless they have local stops. Included in the list of roads are:

♦ Sam Nelson Road

♦ North Industrial Way

♦ Toonigh Road

♦ Union Hill Road

♦ Batesville Road

♦ Elwin Ragsdale Way

♦ James Road

County planners said the seven roads were selected because trucks traveling on them can be hazardous. There have been instances where trucks making deliveries to locations within the Cherokee 75 Corporate Park have missed the entrance located on Old Alabama Road and have attempted to use Elwin Ragsdale Way to turn around. The trucks have then gotten stuck at the end of the road because there is not a turnaround on Elwin Ragsdale Way. Beyond adding these to the overall list of roads and bridges that large trucks are restricted from using, no other changes to the law are being proposed for the public hearing.

While these roads would be restricted to large trucks (defined as having a gross vehicular weight of more than 36,000 pounds, having an overall length of more than 30 feet or having more than three axles), the restriction would not apply to vehicles like FedEx or U-Haul trucks needing to make local stops, county officials said.

The public hearing will be held during the commissioners’ next meeting, 6 p.m. Feb. 18 at the county administration building, 1130 Bluff Parkway, Canton.

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