HOLLY SPRINGS — A revised plan to build a community of single-family houses and townhouses off Marble Quarry Road was presented to the Holly Springs City Council for consideration last Monday.

The plan to rezone 11 acres was first brought up Sept. 5 by Blue River Development. The original plan had 89 units on the property which is split by Marble Quarry Road. The proposed density was 8.0 units per acre with 65 townhouses planned for the northern portion of the property and 24 single-family detached houses planned for the southern portion of the property.

After pushback from city council members, the total number of units was then decreased to 60 in a revised plan presented at the Sept. 16 council meeting. The number of townhouses was cut to 36, and the single-family houses to no more than 24.

After that meeting, Blue River’s Doug Patten said he spent some time to re-evaluate the plan. During last Monday’s meeting, he presented the newly structured plan with improvements and new ideas. The number of homes was once again cut down to a total of 50. A total of 45 of the units would be on the northwest side, while only five units would be on the southeast side.

Spaces are left open for water quality and detention. The 45 units to the west of Marble Quarry Road will be detached townhouses with 3-foot gaps between them, being connected only by garden gates and courtyards. These units will also be pulled away from the road, with an added landscape buffer along Marble Quarry Road.

Patten said he agreed to realign and improve Old Holly Street to satisfy concerns of neighbors. This new alignment would lead to the entrance of this proposed new neighborhood, with both sides of the road re-worked.

A concern raised during the meeting was the safety of the bus stop on Marble Quarry Road.

“It does concern me to have the kids get on the bus across from Marble Quarry Road,” Ward 3 Councilman Michael Zenchuk said. “The bus stop right now is at the intersection of Marble Quarry Road and Holly Street. It’s important that we ask the school board to move the bus stop.”

Mayor Steven Miller again questioned the density of the project. The council did not vote on Cooper’s application pending further revisions to the plans.

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