A pizzeria in Canton is moving to a bigger location in late November to accommodate its growing customer base.

The Pizza Prince is moving directly behind their current spot in the Chevron on Hickory Flat Highway in Canton, into a space beside the Farmers Insurance Agency on Mountain Vista Boulevard. The restaurant moved into the gas station in late February and business has rapidly grown throughout the year.

“Within the first three months of opening, we already needed to upgrade our pizza oven because we could no longer supply the demand with the little oven that we had,” co-owner Jayme Effler said. “We started getting busier and busier and our customer base grew so much. It’s crazy because I’ve been in the food and beverage service industry my whole life, and I’ve never seen a place grow this much, so quickly.”

The restaurant’s new location will allow for more seating, including tables and booths, more pizza options, Italian subs, a salad menu, drinks including beer and wine, and ice cream, Effler said. The restaurant will continue to feature menu items already available as well, such as a calzone, stromboli and desserts.

The Pizza Prince’s menu quickly became a favorite among people throughout Cherokee County and Georgia.

“We get pizza every Friday night from The Pizza Prince,” Canton resident Kelly Kinkaid. “My husband has to have it. We’ve tried different pizzerias in the area, but we like The Pizza Prince the best. They go way out of their way to be thankful for their customers and to make sure we love their product. It’s awesome to see a small business grow that quickly.”

The Pizza Prince’s pizza and way of conducting business has not only attracted customers from Cherokee County, but Atlanta and metro Atlanta as well, Effler said, some of whom were fans of co-owner Tony Kinkel’s other metro Atlanta restaurants.

The partners owned a pizzeria in Forsyth County, which earned a “Best New York Pizza” title only three months after opening. But because of COVID-19, the restaurant closed after only seven months, Effler said.

“We then had the opportunity to open at a strip mall in Forsyth, but I figured, since gas stations are essential businesses during the pandemic, why not open in a gas station because if everything gets shut down again, we won’t lose our business this time. This location in Canton kind of fell into our lap after a friend let me know about it.”

Effler and Kinkel were also interested in the gas station for the foot traffic, Effler said.

“Our goal was to start here, with the idea that this location would help build us up so we could relocate in the future,” Effler. “I had no idea we would be able to relocate this fast. We wanted to stay close to this location, and I think it’s an amazing accomplishment that we’ve come this far in such a short amount of time. I’m really excited to open the new restaurant.”

Kinkel, who began perfecting his ingredients at 16, is the mastermind behind the pizza, Effler said.

“When he was 16 in Brooklyn, he started working at a pizzeria called “The Pizza Prince” and was given that nickname, and he came to be gifted at pizza making,” she said. “I’ve had people make pizza with the same ingredients, and it tastes nothing like his pizza.”

Effler added that Kinkel made pizza throughout New York when he was younger, and also owned several pizzerias in Florida.

The Pizza Prince is located at 111 Mountain Vista Boulevard in Canton. The pizzeria is open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday through Saturday. For more information, visit www.thepizzaprincemenu.com.


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