Lisa Tressler, left, is sworn in as the newest member of the Cherokee County Planning Commission during Tuesday night’s public hearing meeting.

With five cases brought before it at Tuesday night’s public hearing meeting, the Cherokee County Planning Commission approved recommendations on three of the cases, tabled one until the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners took action on a related case and approved allowing one case to be withdrawn by the applicant.

The first of two new cases to be brought before the planning commission involved land at 2120 Ball Ground Highway, just outside the city limits of Canton. The applicant, Allison Naples, was requesting the site be rezoned from residential to general commercial to establish a massage studio there. A vacant residence currently sits on the land, which Naples said she would be able to convert into her studio while also retaining its residential aesthetic. During the public hearing, one of Naples’ clients addressed the commission in favor of the proposal.

Commission member Tom Ware brought up a question that emerged during the commission’s most recent work session, making sure that a massage studio was covered under neighborhood commercial, in addition to general commercial. When asked, Naples said she would be willing to accept the property being rezoned to neighborhood commercial over general commercial. With this in mind, the commission approved a motion, recommending the land be rezoned to neighborhood commercial.

The second new case to come to a public hearing was a request from Larry Waddell and his wife, who own land on Trinity Church Road and were looking to rezone it from agricultural to residential in order to split it into four smaller lots to be given to their children for them to build their own homes on in the future. Two citizens who live near the Waddells said approval could help set a precedent where the rural atmosphere of Trinity Church Road evolves into an area of suburban subdivisions.

Commission members voted to recommend denial of the request.

Returning to a pair of cases which have had a public hearings at a previous meeting, the planning commission avoided a tie vote and was able to approve sending a recommendation on to the board of commissioners about a piece of property at 11911 Cumming Highway. During the May public hearing meeting, the commission was deadlocked 4-4 on a recommendation, thus tabling the issue until the next meeting. The application requested the land to be rezoned from residential to general commercial to allow for a commercial truck dealership to set up shop at the site. However, after several minutes of discussion, the planning commission approved a recommendation to allow for a rezoning from residential to neighborhood commercial. If this recommendation were to be followed, a commercial truck dealership would not be able to be established there, as neighborhood commercial does not allow for car and truck lots.

After the commission approved the recommendation to rezone the parcel from residential to neighborhood commercial, a motion was then made to again table the related special use permit for the property until the board of commissioners voted on the rezoning recommendation.

At its May public hearing meeting, the planning commission recommended denial on a rezoning application for a parcel of land at 5983 Highway 92. Tuesday night, the board of commissioners passed a motion to accept the recommendation and deny the rezoning request.

The commission also had a new member sworn in at Tuesday’s meeting, with county commissioner Benny Carter nominating Lisa Tressler to fill the position recently made vacant by the resignation of Nicole Carbetta.

The next meeting of the Cherokee County Planning Commission will be its monthly work session at 6:30 p.m. Monday, June 17.

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