HOLLY SPRINGS – Holly Springs Council members approved a plan on Monday to rezone 11 acres for a residential development that was initially proposed on Sept. 5 by Blue River Development.

The plan presented was to build a community of single-family houses and townhouses off Marble Quarry Road. It has gone through several revisions, with the plan officially finalized for Monday’s meeting.

Ward 3 Councilman Michael Zenchuk brought up concerns regarding traffic flow at the intersection and bus stops at Marble Quarry Road during the Oct. 7 meeting. This was still an issue at Monday’s meeting because no permanent changes were made to try and resolve these concerns.

Nevertheless, the council approved the motion by a vote of 3-2, with Ward 4 Councilwoman Karen Barnett and Ward 5 Councilman Jeremy Smith voting against the rezoning, citing continuing traffic concerns.

“I appreciate that there have been (police) officers out at the bus stop to keep an eye on the kids and passing traffic, but I am still concerned with the traffic at that intersection and the bus stop,” Zenchuk said. “Efforts have been made from all sides to try and help the situation, but we can’t always get what we want, so again I appreciate the effort on both sides.”

Police Chief Michael Carswell brought up during the meeting that the police presence at the site of the bus stop and intersection could be long term, but not every day due to other calls that officers may need to respond to.

Along with the agreements that were made between adjacent Landmark Baptist Church and Blue River Development for road improvements to be made by the developer. Blue River also agreed to help the church in clearing out some of its property. Blue River Development would then use any leftover dirt — if any — from its development to spread out over that cleared area.

The rest of the plan that was originally revised for the Oct. 7 meeting stayed the same.

The council members also approved several proposals from Caldwell Cline Architects and Designers regarding the Town Center Project including: design, construction management, engineering and fire protection services for the mixed-use buildings, the restroom pavilions and the amphitheater stage, dressing room and restrooms.

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