Perrotta’s Pizza, located at 149 Reinhardt College Parkway, Suite 1, is opening its doors to hungry customers on Monday.

Lou and Gina Perrotta, who moved to Canton with their three kids in May of 2018, said family is everything to them. They saw a need for authentic Italian cuisine and decided to fill the void given their Italian roots and knack for the restaurant industry. They filled their menu with family favorites, traditional staples and twists on classics.

“It’s some of our favorites from when we go out to eat, others are from our family recipes and our own spin on things,” Lou Perrotta said.

“You’ll see on our menu we each have our favorite items named after that family member... we wanted to do something where if families come in and the kids want pizza they can have pizza but the parents can have what they want too,” Gina Perrotta said.

From Anthony’s strombolis to Vinny’s chicken mountain melt, there is something on the menu for everyone at the table.

“Everyone in the family has put so much work into this,” Gina said with tears in her eyes. “We have put months of work into putting this together with our bare hands. The guys built the counter top, replaced the floors and the Perrotta’s Pizza wall, making it look good.”

Gina and Lou said they feel passionately about giving back to the essential members of the community; military, teachers and first responders. They do this by providing a 10% discount to these customers.

“We know that they work hard. Teachers deserve more appreciation and we want to show that we appreciate our military and our first responders. Any little bit that we can do to help them we are doing to do,” Gina Perrotta said.

Perrotta’s Pizza is open for business Monday, February 25, serving up Italian food that they like to say is, “the taste you can’t refuse”.

For more information or to view the menu visit-

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