The Cherokee Sheriff’s Office is reminding drivers to watch their speeds through school zones and giving a heads-up that speed detection cameras at several schools will go live next week.

The cameras have been installed at Knox Bridge Highway near Knox Elementary School, on Cumming Highway near Free Home Elementary School and along Highway 109 near R.M. Moore Elementary School.

The cameras will be active beginning Tuesday. There will be a 30-day “warning period” as the cameras go live.

After the initial warning period, registered owners of vehicles will receive a citation in the mail if their vehicle is captures traveling 11 mph over the posted school zone speed limit.

The first citation is $75, and the second offense is $125.

Any violations will be considered civil infractions and no “points” will be counted against the motorist’s driving record. All violations will be reviewed by a Cherokee Sheriff’s Office deputy to ensure the accusation is valid.


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These camera's in my view are an Illegal Search. That is unconstitutional. Cities have been getting away with these things for a long time. The liberalization of America continues....Really makes me sad.

Dave Francis

Is this just during the posted school hours (lights flashing) or does it apply to all hours during the week?


That's a good question. I actually got tagged in the same school zone TWICE within 7 days down in South Fulton earlier this year. I guarantee I wasn't exceeding the speed limit (especially the second time since I had just paid my first citation). I requested a hearing for the second one and they've never called me in. I think the sensor was faulty and they knew it.

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