A Canton man in charge of maintenance for mobile home parks in Woodstock and Cartersville has been charged with allegedly stealing more than $200,000 from his employer.

Gary Paul Lee was indicted June 10 and booked into the Cherokee County jail on Monday on one racketeering and 16 felony charges of theft by taking.

According to the indictment filed against Lee:

Since the early 1980s, Lee worked performing maintenance for a company that operates mobile home rental parks in both Woodstock and Cartersville.

Lee is accused of buying materials for repair jobs at the mobile home parks using petty cash and a hardware store credit card, and returning unused products back to the store for cash refunds that he kept.

The company became of aware of the alleged refund scheme when the store that issued the credit card changed its policy and began sending email alerts to the cardholder when returns are made.

Investigation showed that the incidents of products being returned for cash refunds apparently began in October of 2011 and continued through October of 2016.

The long period of alleged thefts using the same scheme fit within the definition of racketeering, the indictment states.

The indictment lists hundreds of individual returns that take up more than eight pages and range in size from less than $3 to more than $1,300.

Grand jurors heard from 13 witnesses before handing down their indictment.

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It's a shame that a person's opinion, based on decades of experience is attacked. One is not having a sense of self. I have not one piercing, nor tattoo, nor beard. I came into the world with none of those. Some obviously because of my age. One likely being painful. another because I was born without one, and then because a beard is such a maintenance project. Scraggly ones especially. When I see someone with any of the above, over age 40, I doubt their belief in themselves and need for adulation. Not liking oneself, leads to the,"They Owe Me," idea. Resulting in Crime.


You dont even know him. Thats my dad your talking about. How dare you say these things about someone you dont even know. And judge him based upon his looks. He is a good man and a loyal, kind, compassionate, trustworthy and the list goes on. So eff off with your negitive B. S And this article is full of B.S😡😡😡


Good man are you effing serious he stole over 200 grand in money and you say he's a good man wth maybe your just salty and pissed he got busted and can't give you any money any more it's terrible if you can't make means at your current job then get a second one or something that's gonna pay a little better what a bunch of BS


Like I said to the other idiot. You don't know the situation or the employer ect. Ect. And further more lady I could 2 cents what u think. I know him and the kind of man he is and what kind of heart he has so take your negative energy and views and shove it where the sun don't shine. Every body so quick to judge well eff u lady

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