An armed man was arrested at the East Cherokee Drive branch of the Sequoyah Regional Library on Tuesday afternoon when staff triggered a silent alarm.

According to Cherokee Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. Jay Baker:

Library staff triggered the alarm when they became unnerved by the behavior of a man walking around the library talking about government corruption. The man was described as wearing military style pants, wearing a backpack and flashing a firearms concealed carry permit.

When deputies arrived, they encountered 38-year-old Christian Holm of Canton, who they recognized from previous encounters. Deputies asked Holm to leave the library, but he refused and was arrested.

“Deputies located a large folding knife, a recording device and a large can of pepper spray in Holm’s possession,” Baker said. He was charged with criminal trespass.

Holm is currently at the Cherokee County jail.

“Currently Holm does not have a bond because he is refusing to allow deputies to book him into the detention facility,” Baker said. Holm is claiming he is a “sovereign citizen” and that authorities cannot legally jail him.


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Susan's latest post with what some might call poetry is further evidence of her anti-government, anti-child welfare, sovereign citizen approach to the real world.

There is nothing substantive in it that would rebut my fundamental claim that the State of Alabama was legally and factually justified in removing the child from C. Clark & Danielle Holm, retaining custody, terminating parental rights, and adopting the child.

The Cobb and Holm rhetoric about continuing attempts to find out where the child is and return the child to the Holms is, in effect, a threat to the safety and welfare of the child and others.

It's nothing new. Such threats have been being made since the time they were in Alabama and, in part, resulted in the child being moved to a foster home without advising the Holms of identity or location of the foster parents.

If they thought they had any legal recourse to challenge the termination and adoption, they have failed to prosecute it and, instead, appear to have been content to whine, whine, whine with the help of Susan Cobb and others who just might be crazy enough to try and kidnap the child if its location were ever revealed. That effort might be attended with violence against anyone who gets in the way. It certainly would not be the first time.


Susan Cobb is the Holms' #1 liar and promoter of the False Holm Narrative.

One of her biggest problems is projection. That is, she often accuses others of being liars and believing if they repeat the lies often enough that others will believe the lies.

The reality seems to be that Susan is a most prolific promoter of the False Holm Narrative and that with the belief that the more she promotes it the more people will believe it.

She has convinced me that she spends, and has spent, many days and weeks and months and now years promoting the False Holm Narrative throughout the world.

As is evident by her post here, she can certainly put it out.

However, for those interested, the simple truths relevant to the Holm case are out there, and I would recommend folks watch closely how the latest chapter in Cherokee County plays out.

Susan Dunn Cobb

Awww, Mr. Baty, you say such sweet things about me. I knew you liked me, but really I may not be as great as you made me out to be. I'm sure you don't actually believe I'm a liar so I'll just overlook that little dig. I did, however, get a big kick out of you "saving Heflin"! That was truly rich. When we stopped laughing my husband had a great response to you, don't you think? I prolly only get one more crack at saying anything on here, so I'm counting on you to make it worth my while, eh? Until then, some meat to chew on.



That was no "great" response from your husband, and someone else on the FaceBook page indicated that you and him seemed to have gone away.

I told her your type didn't like competition and preferred venues where you could promote the False Holm Narrative without being challenged.

You know I try to stay head and shoulders above my adversaries, and I have had considerable success. Properly characterizing you as a "liar" is mild compared to what "you people" have to say about me, child welfare workers, judges, lawyers, and the like.

Was there anything substantive you wanted to talk about, Susan?

Has C. Clarke Holm gotten out of jail yet?

What's the next step?

It's a rather petty charge.

Maybe he can get it dismissed.

Maybe with your help, it will bring national and international attention to your hobbies and get Canon, GA, Cherokee County, GA some publicity.

I hope the local media is giving some serious investigative attention to letting the folks know who is living amongst them.

Susan Dunn Cobb

Something substantive? Perhaps. Organized what I've said about judges, lawyers, child welfare workers, but forgot to mention you. Oh well. You probably get plenty of attention already, eh?

Judges live with impunity

Gave themselves immunity

Have all power and authority

To do what they want with you and me

Tommy Valva hurts no more

We finally hear his cry

The little god behind the bench

Sentenced him to die

The happy twins thrown in a pit

They never could escape

A judge was playing evil games

Announced their cruel fate

Dana Williams full of faith

Fought against the wrong

Although they're scarred and damaged now

They're home where they belong

And if a mother loves the Lord

And loves her child too

A CMU awaits her now

Her child gets one too

Melissa Diegel died inside

A lonely jail cell

They brought her back to hurt her more

Because she'd done so well

She fought to save her daughter's life

And actually pulled it off

But in the end they took them all

They found the truth too tough

Warriors all take their place

Joyce writes and sings her songs

Fran leads a fearsome mighty charge

Addressing awful wrongs

Robert Slaven is a rock

To hold the pack together

Annie, Terri, so many more

We'll all be friends forever

Judges live with impunity

Gave themselves immunity

Have all power and authority

To do what they want with you and me

Arlena Willes rots in jail

They slowly kill her son

Her voice is singing loud and clear

Christ already won

The evidence is on their side

A trial they'll never get

They're throwing Christians to the lions

They were the best ones yet

So Christians if they're thrown to lions

With those who stand for truth.

When they come to check you out

Will they find some proof?

Cyndie Abcug prayed for all

and loved her enemies

They stole and hurt her little boy

She fought back on her knees

Terrified, they chased her down

To stop her awesome power

16 guns to take her down

In fear they all did cower

They picked a fight with Dave Jose

and ripped HIS kids away

A champion in ev'ry way

He fights for us today

David finds the laws and shares

Now We the People see

With Jesus showing him the way

We're on to victory

Charisma dead for two whole years

and buried in an attic

The scam kept going for her care

The checks are automatic

They tried to set the house on fire

To hide the grisly crime

All the other kids were saved

but now THEY'RE doing time!

Judges live with impunity

Gave themselves immunity

Have all power and authority

To do what they want with you and me

Holms followed Yeshua

A missionary venture

Telling people of God's love

Was the final clincher

Ripped their baby from the breast

Never had a chance

Newborns bring a lot of cash

In every circumstance

Cleburne County court was fake

Holms fought so hard

But baby Holm is no more

Our laws they disregard

Connecticut is worst of all

Ties up ER patients

Cuts their babies out of them

With false incarcerations

Little Sophie nearly died

From the evil doctor

In such a hurry to steal the child

That she nearly dropped her

Locked the parents in a room

Tried to kill the mama

Kept her medicines away

To add to all the trauma

Gov'nor says they don't exist

The Judge wants TPR

They want their boys from another state

These travelers from afar

To reach their quota they need kids

They're paid from Title IV

When they come, kiss yours goodbye

They're always wanting more!

Judges live with impunity

Gave themselves immunity

Have all power and authority

To do what they want with you and me

Susan Dunn Cobb

And now for more of the story. I do not have a subscription so I won't be able to keep up with the troll team that will soon arrive en masse. I am good friends with the Holms who are absolutely NOT sovereign citizens. He would not make that claim. He would, however, tell them they don't have a right to hold him. I have all the audios of the incident and phone calls I will be posting. This will exonerate the Holms.

Mr. Baty is an individual who has harassed, doxxed, stalked, and made it his personal life's ambition to attack all families who protest CPS stealing their children for Title IVe funds. There are quite a few of them. An army now, actually. Baty began his new career in internet stalking at the Holm trial, after a ten year hiatus from the Kent Hovind trial and imprisonment We are figuring that Holms must be his favorites. I have posted ALL the court audios of their trial in Cleburne Co on the TOR. As you might imagine, there is much more to this story. An adequate and truthful beginning will be found on letourbabiesgo (dot) com. All of the Holms social media accounts and Youtube channel has been hacked and taken down, their groups given away. Baty seems to have kept a few of the videos they made he prefers. He also prefers to refer to Christian as C. Clarke Holm, a name Christian never used, but one the Holms discovered last week that had been used to steal his trust fund account. Christian is heir to a large amount of money and he needs to be incarcerated, insane, or incompetent (or dead). So far, he remains strong in his faith. fledgling as it is and strong in his love for his wife, child, and all people. You need to get to know this guy.

A greater in depth understanding as to why this couple is being hounded through several states and Mr. Baty's interest will be found on the facebook group which is also called Let Our Babies Go. Always follow the money. I have created 4 pages on facebook in addition for the purpose of sharing the Holm story and now others I've met. I have 2 Youtube channels because of them and I stay on twitter everyday sharing their story and others. 7 days a week, 10 hours a day. I'm committed to letting the world know what happened to the Holms. I discovered this was a cause (never knew it before) when I became involved with the crime against the Holms. Since then, much progress has been made in slowing the flow of human trafficking and kidnapping of beloved children under color of law for TitleIVe funds. The Holms never stop fighting for their baby and they tell the world. So do I. We have had over 100,000 downloads of the TOR, bit torrent file, before I stopped counting. I've sent their story to thousands of churches. I will never stop. Christian and Danielle are wonderful people who love everyone. Christian was raised in a home where his grandfather worked for two presidents and spent many years in the executive department of the government. Christian and Danielle both have a deep respect for law and order. Danielle has 3 degrees with honors and great resume of experience in her young life. These two are being unfairly portrayed. You must ask why?

In learning about social media and facebook these last couple years, I also had to get an education in internet trolls. I wrote and dedicated this to Mr. Baty and his ongoing efforts.


I have followed the story of Christian Clarke Holm and Danielle Holm since December of 2016 when I found out they were involved in a child custody dispute with the State of Alabama and were secretly using Kent Hovind's sovereign citizen guru Brady Byrum to use sovereign citizen antics to fight, fight, fight the State of Alabama over custody of the child. That was doomed to failure and fail it did. Their parental rights were terminated and the child was successfully adopted. I have a FaceBook group that has followed that story at:


I would post an insightful comment about the article but don’t want to get arrested for free speech. My how the world has changed.. “papers please”

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