Sixes Mill

One Cherokee resident has taken public participation to the next level by creating a “Sixes Corridor District Overlay” plan that would “preserve the quality of living” along Sixes Road.

Debra Frieden, who lives in the Falls of Cherokee, said she wants to always be able to see the “beautiful trees and sunset coming down on the lakeside” as she heads home from work and creating an overlay for the Sixes area is her solution to make a Cherokee landmark that the county can “be proud of.”

Frieden’s 112-page proposal uses Jeff Chattin’s “Sixes Mill” as an outline and driving force for the creation of a district to keep the area looking and feeling historic, she said.

“I would like to preserve the quality of living along Sixes Road communities by asking the county and city officials to consider adding a third additional ‘district’ and implement an architectural overlay in cooperation with the city of Holly Springs, which elevates the new building standards, commercial and residential to reflect a ‘district’ theme to match the focal point and cherished county landmark—the Sixes Mill,” she said in her draft of the overlay.

The encouragement of commercial buildings in the immediate vicinity of one of Cherokee County’s “most beautiful and well-known landmarks,” commonly referred to the Sixes Mill is creating a high priority and expedient need to protect the landmark and surrounding area, and preserving the quality of the areas around it, Frieden said.

“The rapid expansion has created a high rate of concern,” she said. “It has also increased active participation at both county and city levels at planning and zoning meetings, zoning board of appeals, county commission meetings and city council meetings. In an effort not to duplicate efforts, I am approaching this centralized area, and issues we are currently dealing with as an explosive growth area, as overlay idea.”

Frieden said the opportunities for a historic district are “limitless,” with bicycle and pedestrian lanes, extra-wide crosswalks, monuments and flags lining the streets, etc.

Frieden said she met with county staff as well as the board of commissioners and Holly Springs Mayor Steve Miller, who were all in support of diving deeper into the plan and seeing if and how it could come to fruition.

The definition of a Sixes Corridor District by setting new standards in a clearly identifiable district, Frieden said, is community, county and city “branding” through creation of the district to enable all architectural details, enhancing and protecting the Cherokee landmark of the “Sixes Mill.”

“It is an identifiable landmark, albeit privately owned, however I believe it is a prime example of how Cherokee County and municipalities may work to create a branding identity which sets us apart from other counties,” she said. “Although the city of Holly Springs has architectural guidelines in place it is time to raise the bar and set an even higher standard.”

Frieden said Holly Springs has begun to have “explosive growth” and a desire for investors to come to the community.

“This now gives the city a demand for a higher standard,” she said. “However, in an effort to have fluidity of design and consistency at this entrance to Cherokee County off Exit 11 and the city of Holly Springs, the overlay is necessary. Design standards must reflect each other.”

Frieden said in the effort to benefit the area residents and businesses now and in the distant future, excellent planning needs to happen “now, as the growth evolves and developments are constructed it would be impossible to work retroactively once structures are in place, including monument signs.”

“I encourage a team-building effort and to approach this idea and the work involved, with a fresh vision for the community and enthusiasm,” she said.

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