A 70-year-old Woodstock man was jailed Saturday after he allegedly pulled a gun on a man he had reportedly ordered to get off his lawn.

According to a Cherokee Sheriff’s Office report:

Patrick Thomas Malone, 70, of 145 Aspen Court, Woodstock was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, pointing weapons, reckless conduct, disorderly conduct and making terroristic threats.

Deputies were dispatched at about 3 p.m. to answer a call about an armed person making threats. A description was given to deputies to be looking for a man wearing an orange shirt, green shorts and suspenders.

A deputy spotted a man matching the description standing in a driveway at 145 Aspen Court. The deputy, seeing the man had a pistol on his hip, told him to raise his arms. The deputy then removed the pistol and a pocket knife the man had.

Malone then told the deputy that visitors to a nearby house had parked on his lawn, which he pays to have maintained. He said he went over to the house and asked the woman who lives there to have the vehicles removed from his lawn.

The 80-year-old woman who owns the house told a deputy she was hosting a family reunion and that Malone was yelling and using profanity, including in front of children.

Malone told the deputy that as he was walking back to his house, one of the guests walked up behind him and said he was going to kill him. At that point, Malone said, he pulled his 9 mm pistol and pointed it at the man.

The man Malone said he pointed his gun at told a different story. He told a deputy he was going to move his vehicle from Malone’s lawn and told Malone he should calm down and not curse in front of children. He said he was in front of Malone, who grabbed his wrist and pointed the gun at him, threatening to kill him.

The father of the man who had the gun pointed at him told deputies he then stepped between Malone and his son and told him to put the gun away. At that point, Malone put his pistol in its holster and left.

Malone remained in custody without bond Wednesday afternoon.

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