Gary Ray Crawley, Jr.

Arrests made, drugs seized at two empty houses

On consecutive days last week Cherokee Sheriff’s Office deputies made unrelated arrests of alleged intruders inside two unoccupied houses.

According to Cherokee Sheriff’s Office reports:

On Oct. 25 at about 9 p.m. a deputy used night vision equipment to check on an empty house off Bascomb Carmel Road near Woodstock where there had been several reports of suspicious activity and burglary in recent months.

Walking up the driveway using a night vision monocular, the deputy noticed a Toyota Avalon parked in the driveway of the house. And, he could see a man and a woman walking around inside the house. The deputy then called for backup. The man came from the house and began walking down the driveway with a bag toward the deputy.

The deputy said, “Sheriff’s office,” and asked the man his name and if he lived at the house. The man said his name was Gary and that he did not live at the house. The man was later identified as Gary Ray Crawley, Jr. of Kennesaw.

“We just pulled into this neighborhood, and this house, and saw it was vacant and decided to go in,” Crawley said, according to the report.

Noticing Crawley had a large knife in a sheath on his belt, the deputy told him to sit down and to keep his hands out of his pockets.

The deputy asked the name of the woman in the house, but Crawley would not say. The deputy asked Crawley to call out to the woman and ask her to come to him, but he refused.

Crawley then got up and ran toward the back yard with the deputy running after him. When he would not stop, the deputy fired his Taser at Crawley, but it apparently did not connect and he ran away toward the other side of the house. The deputy was able to tackle Crawley, handcuff him and remove his knife.

Other deputies arrived and they searched the house, but the woman who had been inside was not found.

Inside the Toyota deputies found suspected drugs, cell phones, a laptop, a video game system, debit cards in other people’s names, scales and glass pipes containing suspected drug residue.

Crawley was charged with burglary, drug possession, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, and possession of a knife during commission of a felony.

In a separate case the next afternoon, deputies again made an arrest of someone inside an unoccupied house off Ridge Road outside Canton.

In that case the caretaker of the house was alerted by neighbors that it appeared someone might be in the house.

When deputies arrived they found Jennifer Tristen Nichols and her dog inside the house. She admitted to them that she did not have permission to be in the house, but that she and a man had been living in it for several days. Nichols told deputies that the man she had been living with in the house had been arrested by Canton police the previous day after he ran from them while the two were arguing at their shared storage unit.

Deputies reported finding suspected drugs and a crowbar among Nichols’ possessions and arrested her on charges of burglary, possession of burglar tools, drug possession and theft by taking.

Cherokee County Animal Control was called to take possession of Nichols’ dog.

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Great job! Hope the Deputy is ok.

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