Cherokee County Commission Chair Harry Johnston raised over $78,000 for his reelection bid by April 30, almost $30,000 more than former Woodstock Mayor Donnie Henriques, according to campaign finance reports.

Meanwhile Genia Roberson, who is challenging both men for the Republican nomination, had raised a little over $3,000, her most recent disclosure report shows.

Reports showed Democrat Patricia Stephenson, who is unopposed in the May 24 primary, had not raised any money and was reporting a net loss.

Here’s a look at reported campaign contributions from this year, as of April 30, per reports to the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.

Campaign contribution disclosure reports are available online at

Note: Totals are only for reported cash contributions, and do not include in-kind contributions. Georgia campaign finance commission disclosure reports do not include contributions under $100.

As of April 30, Johnston had raised $78,075.96 for his campaign and has spent $24,435.36 for his campaign, for a net balance of $53,640.60.

Johnston’ contributions include donations from past and current elected officials: $250 from Cherokee County Commissioner Benny Carter, $450 from Cherokee County Commissioner Richard Weatherby, $500 from state Rep. Mandi Ballinger, $1,500 from Brad for Georgia, LLC, the campaign for state Rep. Brad Thomas’ re-election; $1,000 from Beach for Senate, state Sen. Brandon Beach’s re-election campaign; $200 from Ball Ground Mayor Rick Roberts and $500 from former Cherokee County Commission Chair Leavitt “Buzz” Ahrens.

Johnston’s largest contributors, who gave $3,000 each, the state’s limit for county office candidates, were Gibbs Gardens CEO James Gibbs, Goshen Valley Foundation founder John Blend, BMT JV in Atlanta and Singleton Real Estate in Woodstock.

Henriques’ campaign had raised $43,306 by April 30 and spent $36,163.33, for a net balance of $7,142.67, according to a disclosure report.

Contributions to Henriques include elected officials and former candidates for local office, including $101 from Woodstock Councilman Rob Usher, $500 from former Waleska Councilwoman Edna Cook, and $200 from Waleska business owner Stanley Townsend, who previously ran against Johnston for commission chair.

Henriques’ largest campaign contributions were $3,000 donations each from Bullock Enterprises Inc., Big Door Vineyards, Greshams Mill Southside, LLC, $3,000 Cobb industrial, Inc.

Disclosure reports showed Northside Hospital Cherokee CEO Billy Hayes donated $250 each to Johnston and Henriques.

By the end of last month Roberson had raised $3,050 for her campaign and had spent $2,823.14 for her campaign, for a net balance of $226.86, her April 30 campaign finance report showed.

Her largest contribution was from Judy Shinall, who gave $1,000.

Stephenson has raised $0 for her campaign and has spent $1,390 for her campaign, for a loss of $1,390 net balance, according to her campaign finance report.

Cherokee Commission District 4

In the Cherokee County Commission District 4 race, incumbent Corey Ragsdale leads his challenger Katrina Singletary in campaign money raised.

Only Republicans qualified for the seat, so the election will be decided in the May 24 primary.

Ragsdale had raised $26,100 for his reelection bid as of April 30, and spent $14,246.30, for a net balance of $11,853.70, his campaign financial disclosure report shows.

Contributors to Ragsdale’s campaign include fellow Commissioner Richard Weatherby, who gave $200.

Ragdale’s largest contributions include $3,000 each from Martin Zonnenberg and Meghann Lesley De Michele, and $2,500 each from Tim and Lisa Ragsdale.

Singletary has raised $7,850 for her campaign and has spent $6,016.80, reports show, for a net balance of $1,833.20.

Singletary’s financial disclosure report shows a $250 contribution from Woodstock Councilman David Potts.

Her largest campaign contributions include $1,000 from Jason Dickerson and $1,000 from business owner Billy Kennedy.


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