The Holly Springs City Council had a special called work session and business meeting on March 18 to discuss and vote on several agenda items.

At the meeting, the Council approved two requests from Rayan Investments Inc. regarding the gasoline service station at 727 Hickory Road and 155 Milner Drive in Holly Springs.

The property has been used for a gas station and convenience store for several years. The property will be rezoned as general commercial and improvements will be made to the gasoline service station located at the property.

The conditional-use permit will allow the applicant to relocate the existing gas pumps to another location that is not as close to the road, build a new canopy and improve the parking area. A mobile home that is located on the property will be removed as well.

The council also approved the adoption of the Holly Springs zoning map and a lighting services agreement between Georgia Power and Holly Springs for a service location located on Holly Springs Parkway in an amount not to exceed $45,236.40.

Other agenda items that were approved include:

♦ A contract change order from Georgia Development Partners, LLC for the Hickory Road and Palm Street Intersection Improvements Project in an amount not to exceed $38,763.20.

♦ Memorandum of understanding regarding the Georgia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force between the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Holly Springs.

♦ A contract for detention pond wall B-1 among North Georgia Foundations, Inc., the Downtown Development Authority of Holly Springs, and the city, in an amount not to exceed $361,790.84.

♦ Awarding the clearing, grinding, and hauling project for the master detention pond B-1 to Southeast Grinding, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $30,000.

♦ Awarding the erosion control project for the master detention pond B-1 to The Erosion Company in an amount not to exceed $12,270.

♦ Awarding the grading and site work project for the master detention pond B-1 to Weaver Grading in an amount not to exceed $63,998.68.

♦ Awarding the stormwater infrastructure project for the master detention pond B-1 to Weaver Grading in an amount not to exceed $99,998.48.

♦ A resolution amending the Holly Springs Personnel Manual to create Section 11.2.4 Contagious Symptoms and Contagious Condition, Section 11.2 Attendance and Punctuality. The sections outline specific steps the city takes to safeguard employees’ health and well-being during a flu pandemic, or similar illness, while ensuring the city’s ability to maintain essential operations and continue providing essential services to our citizens. In addition, it provides guidance on how the city intends to respond to specific operational and human resource issues in the event of a pandemic.

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Ethan is a reporter covering the cities of Holly Springs & Canton. He also covers city governments and lifestyle. He is a graduate of Kennesaw State University.

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