The Holly Springs Planning Commission on Thursday voted to recommend approval for two requests made by Rayan Investments Inc. regarding a gasoline service station located at 727 Hickory Road and 155 Milner Drive in Holly Springs.

The property has been used for a gas station and convenience store for several years and is considered to be functioning under old laws as a nonconforming use, because it is not permitted within the neighborhood commercial zoning district.

The requests asked for the rezoning of the property from neighborhood commercial to general commercial and for a conditional-use permit to make improvements to the gasoline service station located at the property.

The conditional-use permit would allow the applicant to relocate the existing gas pumps to another location that is not as close to the road, build a new canopy and improve the parking area. A mobile home that is located on the property will be removed as well.

The following conditions were added with the recommendation of approval:

♦ Any future proposed lighting will be environmentally sensitive and will use LED standards.

♦ The owner/developer will coordinate with the community development director and the city arborist regarding landscaping.

♦ All improvements to the entrances will be provided as per determination and recommendation of the city engineer.

♦ In addition to the zoning requirements of the general commercial zoning district, all development will follow the design guidelines as outlined in the Holly Springs Zoning Ordinance.

♦ Prior to the issuance of a land disturbance permit, a plat will be recorded with Cherokee County to combine the two parcels into one parcel.

Commission members also voted to recommend approval of the annual adoption of the official Holly Springs Zoning Map.

Ethan is a reporter covering the cities of Holly Springs & Canton. He also covers city governments and lifestyle. He is a graduate of Kennesaw State University.

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