ATLANTA - Gov. Brian Kemp called on Georgia businesses Tuesday to step up in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and help by providing, producing, distributing or storing critical health-care supplies.

Specifically, the governor is asking for hospital beds, ventilators, surgical masks, N-95 masks or their equivalent, face shields, nitrile or latex-free gloves of various sizes, safety goggles, hand sanitizer, sanitizing spray, sanitizing wipes, hair covers, no-touch thermometers (regular if no-touch are not available), air purifying machines, negative pressure machines, sanitation units, shoe covers and Tyvek suits.

Those are the kinds of supplies that are running short around the world as the pandemic worsens, particularly in areas hardest hit by the virus.

 “As our state’s hardworking health-care workers and first responders stand on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19, it is our job to come together as Georgians and arm them with the necessary resources to keep them safe and effective,” Kemp said. “I ask all Georgia businesses who are able to support us in the fight against this global pandemic.”

Kemp’s request came as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Georgia rose to 1,026, and the number of deaths increased to 32.

Businesses able to provide assistance and resources with factories already up and running, or facilities that can be repurposed for needed health-care supplies are asked to complete an informational form online at The form is only for the purposes of collecting information and does not represent a commitment by the state to make a purchase.

The Georgia Department of Economic Development has been working to identify manufacturers and distributors across the state who have in their inventories, or could produce, distribute or store critical health-care supplies that are in short supply now or are likely to be in the coming weeks.

“We could not be more grateful for the dedication our medical workers, first responders, and partners have shown during this challenging time,” said Pat Wilson, the state’s commissioner of economic development. “They consistently continue to make Georgians’ health and safety their No.-1 priority.

“As we fight COVID-19 and its expanded consequences together, we thank our Georgia businesses who have stepped up to help our state and pledge the continued full support of the Georgia Department of Economic Development.”

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