Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services is again holding its “Keep the Wreath Green” campaign through Jan. 1, reminding Cherokee County residents to practice fire prevention during the holidays.

During the holiday season, wreaths lit with green bulbs will be placed in front of several fire stations throughout the county. For every structure fire that occurs in Cherokee County between Dec. 1 and Jan. 1, one of the green bulbs will be replaced by a red bulb. The fire stations where wreaths will be located are Station No. 4 in Free Home, Station No. 12 in Waleska, Station No. 19 at Ridge Mill Court, Station No. 21 near Airport Road, Station No. 22 on Bells Ferry Road and Station No. 23 on Vaughan in Hickory Flat.

The purpose of the campaign is to remember to practice fire prevention during the holidays.

Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services also developed a checklist to follow to ensure everyone has a safe holiday, which includes:

♦ Decorate with children in mind: Move ornaments that are breakable or have metal hooks toward the top of the tree, and put things that are okay to touch at the bottom;

♦ Water natural trees often to prevent dry needles from becoming a fire hazard;

♦ Discard natural Christmas trees as soon as possible after the holiday;

♦ Check decorative lights for exposed or frayed wires, loose connections and broken sockets;

♦ Never leave lit candles unattended;

♦ Store matches and lighters away from children;

♦ Keep harmful plants like mistletoe berries, holly berries and Jerusalem Cherry away from children and pets. If an accident does occur, call the National Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222;

♦ Buy toys appropriate for children’s ages, and check for choking hazards;

♦ Keep space heaters at least three feet away from any other object;

♦ Be careful about having a fire when stockings are hung on the fireplace.

♦ Use a fireplace screen to prevent sparks from escaping;

♦ If traveling, have car seats checked before hitting the road. For appointments to have car seats checked, visit;

♦ Plan for your trip to take longer with little ones;

♦ Getting a new bike this holiday? Don’t forget the helmet;

♦ Keep a three-foot kid-free zone around the oven and stove;

♦ Check smoke alarm batteries;

♦ Sleep with bedroom doors closed to help prevent the spread of fire;

♦ Review your family fire escape plan and have a meeting place outside the home in case of fire;

♦ Teach your guests your fire escape plan;

♦ When attending holiday celebrations, designate a driver to get everyone home safely.

For more information on holiday safety, visit and

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