WOODSTOCK — Demolition on the longstanding Morgan’s Ace Hardware in Woodstock is set to begin early next year to make way for the City Center project, which will include a parking deck and amenities in the heart of the downtown district.

City Manager Jeff Moon said the hardware store, which has resided in its current location since 1978, is set to be demolished beginning in January. Moon added that the business has contractual of the use of the store until early November. The store has opened at its new location nearly a mile and a half up the road, near Ridgewalk Parkway.

The city center project, including the parking deck, won’t be online anytime soon, however.

“We anticipate that we will begin the public input process for the redevelopment project in the spring of 2022,” Moon said. “A timeline for development will be a part of the process. I don’t anticipate any new construction beginning until late 2022 or early 2023.”

But demolition work on the main Ace Hardware structure and its ancillary buildings and other preparations will take place in the meantime.

“We expect to begin demolition on the existing buildings in January,” Moon said. “Additionally, work undergrounding power and utility relocations on Arnold Mill Road between the redevelopment site and the amphitheater will begin as well before new construction. That project is funded, and we are waiting on Georgia Power to move forward.”

Woodstock announced its plans for the city center project in 2018. Residents will have a chance to weigh in on the proposed plan that includes several acres at the intersection of Main Street and Arnold Mill Road next spring. A proposal previously announced by the city included a mixed-use site plan, including a boutique hotel and office, retail and restaurant space.

In 2018, the city hired planning firm Morris and Fellows to develop the project. The company previously oversaw the construction of the 26-acre Alpharetta City Center project.

Morgan’s Ace Hardware’s new location is between Ridgewalk Parkway and Brooke Boulevard.


Morgan's Ace Hardware recently reopened in its new location near Ridewalk Parkway. 

In 2019, Woodstock approved an annexation and rezoning for the store’s future location. The new Ace Hardware joins future commercial space and a 16-acre passive park on a total of 24.5 acres north of the Woodstock Knoll subdivision.


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