During Tuesday night’s meeting of the Cherokee County Planning Commission, the commission approved recommendations on a pair of cases, while accepting postponement on a third.

The first new case involved 1.133 acres along Hickory Flat Highway that had been rezoned for office and institutional uses in 2018, but the applicant was looking to convert the zoning classification back to residential.

Applicant, C.V. Dinsmore, Jr., came before the planning commission and explained he had requested the earlier rezoning due to having a buyer lined up that would need the land to be zoned office/institutional. When that deal fell through people had looked at the property and the house currently sitting there for residential use.

Following Dinsmore’s comments in the public hearing, nobody spoke in favor or against his request. Planning commissioners voted unanimously to recommend approval of the rezoning request.

Another new case dealt with a special-use permit request for a parcel of land on Ga. Highway 92, just west of Bells Ferry Road, in order to allow a used car dealership on the site. The site, which had initially been a gas station and convenience store, was recently a car lot and has since been abandoned.

Since the property is already zoned for general commercial uses and is surrounded by other general commercial properties, the special-use permit was all that was required in order to allow for the applicant, Bill Holt Motors, to set up shop there. No one spoke against the application during the public hearing. Planning Commissioner Rick Whiteside asked what kinds of improvements would be made to the location and received the answer that work would be done on the building and on the outdoor signs to ensure it would meet the standards of the area.

The applicant’s representative promised a tasteful paint job compared to the bright yellow used on the site now. The planning commission was also informed that there would be no more than 20 to 25 vehicles on the lot at any given time and would consist of cars, trucks and SUVs, along with possibly an occasional motorcycle. Commission chair Bob Whitaker asked if any mechanical work would be done on site, to which the representative responded there would not.

Once the commission had all of its questions answered, commission member Richard Weatherby said he could support it if the permit could be limited to Bill Holt Motors alone, following it up with a motion to recommend approval with a handful of conditions attached. Among these conditions were that the permit would be limited to Bill Holt Motors, that all outdoor signs on the property be brought into compliance, no banners or wind-activated forms of advertisement and a limit of 25 vehicles for sale on the lot at any one time. With these conditions in place, the motion passed the planning commission without any opposition.

Lastly, the planning commission approved the postponement of a special-use permit request that would allow for internet-based truck sales at a location on Cumming Highway.

During the meeting, Whitaker took a moment to recognize commission member Scott Barnes, as Tuesday was his final meeting as a part of the planning commission. Whitaker commended Barnes for his hard work during his time on the commission.

The next meeting of the Cherokee County Planning Commission will be its monthly work session at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 21.

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