Revis Road and a portion of Garland Mountain Way are under consideration to be declared abandoned by the county, meaning the county would no longer be responsible for maintaining these roads.

At its most recent meeting, the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners approved moving forward with plans to have a pair of roads declared abandoned and thus taken off the list of roads maintained by the county.

Revis Road and Garland Mountain Way, two roads northwest of Waleska, have been determined by the county to receive little, if any, traffic and are currently under consideration to be taken off the county’s books by being declared abandoned.

According to Chris Hamilton, a lawyer at the firm of Jarrard and Davis who is working with the county on the abandonment, Revis Road appears never to have even been a county road, while the portion of Garland Mountain Way under consideration for abandonment has been barricaded off and may not have been used since the late 1990s.

Currently, Hamilton said the county is advertising a public hearing the board of commissioners will hold on the subject during its July 2 meeting. After allowing both those who support the measure and those who are in opposition to the change the chance to voice their opinions, the board could decide what to do with Revis Road and Garland Mountain Way at that same meeting.

“The county definitely wants to hear from the public on this,” Hamilton said.

Should the board of commissioners approve a motion to declare these roads abandoned, Hamilton said this will mean the county would no longer have any more responsibility for maintaining the roads. At the same time, if any private citizen chose to have the road paved themselves, bringing it up to county standards, and then “donate” the upgraded road to the county, this would be possible, according to Hamilton.

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