The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners four zoning cases last week and held a public hearing on a request to modify conditions on a zoning case.

The first zoning case involved rezoning 46 acres of land near Holly Springs Parkway zoned general commercial and residential and is currently occupied primarily by the Whispering Pines mobile home park. The developer, Quintus Development, was looking to have the land rezoned to multi-family residential for the building of townhomes and apartments on the site.

Although commissioner Benny Carter said he felt some of the issues with the development plan had been addressed, there were still some reservations he had about it, including that the project may not be the best use for the property. Carter then made a motion to deny the request, and commissioners voted the application down.

Commissioners then considered a case from The Orchards Group, which had been asking to rezone land along Cumming Highway from agricultural and rural residential to a denser residential classification for the development of an age restricted community. After receiving a recommendation of denial from the planning commission, the developers requested a postponement to modify their request, but returned to the county in late October asking to withdraw the case, which the board approved.

Another case commissioners considered surrounded a parcel of land on Hickory Flat Highway that had been rezoned office/institutional in 2018, but the applicant was looking to bring back to residential, as several parties had approached him about purchasing the property and house on the site for use as a residence. The commissioners unanimously approved the rezoning.

The final zoning case of the evening revolved around a former gas station on Ga. Highway 92 just east of Bells Ferry Road, which the applicant was requesting a special use permit to sell used cars at. The planning commission had recommended approval of the permit, but had attached a handful of conditions to it. However, commissioner Corey Ragsdale felt that, while a used car dealership did fit the compatibility of the area, he was less sure about it fitting in with the overall comprehensive plan for the area and put forth a motion to deny the request, which other commissioners backed in the vote.

Along with the four zoning cases, the board held a public hearing on a request to modify conditions on a zoning case from 2004 to allow a resident to construct an accessory structure on her property. The applicant said she had a pottery wheel in her basement that would have to be moved, due to family members coming to live at her residence, and as the property her house sits on is relatively difficult to build upon, she was seeking a modification that would permit her to build a small building encroaching within a zoning buffer that had been approved in 2004, as well as a variance to allow for the building of this structure in the front yard. When asked, she explained the building’s primary use would be for her pottery wheel and that nobody would be allowed to occupy it as a residential structure. Once the public hearing was closed, Carter said he believed the request was reasonable and made a motion to approve the requests, which passed unanimously.

The next meeting of the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners will be Tuesday, Nov. 19. The meeting will begin with a work session at 3 p.m., followed by the regular meeting at 6 p.m.

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