In order to protect confidential and sensitive healthcare information, Cherokee County recently approved a confidentiality and mutual non-disclosure agreement with Northside Hospital and the Northside Health Network.

According to county manager Jerry Cooper, the confidential information covered by this agreement includes pricing amounts negotiated between the county and the hospital system for county employees. As a result of the agreement, Cooper believed this could help county employees see a reduction in their healthcare costs from Northside while still having access to all the Northside network offers to its patients.

“We evaluate healthcare costs and service on a regular basis to ensure that our employees and their families receive the best healthcare plan coverages and value,” Cooper said. “Over the past few years, our broker, Insurance Office of America, and Cherokee County have negotiated and implemented programs that have resulted in significant savings, including pharmaceutical, surgeries, imaging and other healthcare services. The Northside Health Network will provide additional savings and expand quality healthcare services for employees and their families.”

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Should transparency be sacrificed for monetary savings? Maybe, maybe not. But full transparency regarding the quality and safety of our hospitals should not be negotiated away by our elected officials for any reason, including cost. As long as Northside Hospital Cherokee declines to participate in the Leapfrog Hospital Survey, administered by the, potential patients/consumers are unable to make comparisons between hospitals concerning their safety and quality performance in areas such as Inpatient Care Management, Medication Safety, Infections, High Risk Surgery, Cancer Surgery, Maternity Care, and Pediatric Care. This is information the hospital should collect and provide about itself and would benefit and improve itself from the knowledge. Visit and study the Hospital Survey before you make a decision rather than after.

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