HOLLY SPRINGS — On Monday, Holly Springs City Council members approved the annexation and rezoning of 49 acres off Payne Road for a 135-home neighborhood. Also discussed was the raising of speed limits and the proposed millage rate.

The new development on 49 acres off Payne Road faced opposition because it will require construction crews and homeowners to go through the Riverside subdivision to get to the new neighborhood. Riverside residents have shown strong opposition every step of the way.

At the Monday meeting, neighbors told council members they had been working with the developers on a compromise and added stipulations to make the project feasible for everyone involved.

Added stipulations included:

♦ A reduction of of homes from 170 to 135

♦ Developer will reserve a minimum 1.5 acres for a shared amenity area

♦ Developer will put aside $50,000 as “insurance” for if construction affects Riverside properties

♦ Prominent construction signs with clear safety rules and hours will be placed

♦ The developer will install a fence around the existing Riverside playground

After stipulations were announced and everyone seemed happy with the plan, council continued the regular work session, adjourned and then opened a special meeting where they approved the annexation and rezoning 4-0.

Other topics addressed (but not voted on) included the raising of the speed limit on Interstate 575 and Sixes Road as well as the city’s millage rate. The proposed speed limit change includes changing I-575 to 70 mph and a portion of Sixes Road that is currently 35 mph would be raised to 40 mph.

The proposed millage rate for Holly Springs is 4.6 mills, including the Cherokee county fire tax makes a total millage rate of 7.87. The millage rate is a number by which each $1,000 of property is taxed to provide money for the operation of the city.

The next City Council meeting is at 7 p.m. on Aug. 19 at City Hall, 3235 Holly Springs Parkway.

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