The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners had a full load of zoning cases to come before it at Tuesday night’s meeting, with five receiving a decision and a sixth to be postponed until April.

One case involved the rezoning of 35 acres on Elwin Ragsdale Way to allow for the development of a conservation design subdivision. Because he owns adjacent property, Commissioner Corey Ragsdale recused himself when the board voted on the case. A series of conditions were attached to the proposal, such as requiring the developer to install privacy fences along some of the property lines. The rezoning request was approved unanimously, with Ragsdale abstaining.

After being postponed in February following its public hearing before the planning commission in January, Big Door Vineyards in the White community requested a postponement until the April 7 meeting, which was unanimously approved.

The board approved the rezoning of 2.31 acres of land along Vaughn Road from residential requiring 80,000 square foot lots to residential needing 40,000 square foot lots, so the land could be subdivided and two houses built at the site, as well as a request for 1.5 acres on Wrights Mill Road to be rezoned from agricultural to residential requiring 60,000 square foot lots to bring the parcel into compliance after it was separated from the rest of the property when Wrights Mill Road was developed.

The final two zoning cases of the meeting involved a request to rezone just under half an acre on Georgia Highway 92 from office and institutional uses to general commercial and one to rezone 7.6 acres at 4925 Hickory Flat Highway from residential needing 80,000 square foot lots to light industrial. The applicants for the land on Highway 92 wanted to repurpose a residence at the site into a pest control agency office, with the board approving the rezoning with the attached conditions of no overnight parking and no outside storage. Similar conditions were included with the property on Hickory Flat Highway, which the applicant wanted to use as an office for a cleanup and restoration company, with outside storage and overnight parking being prohibited, while the rezoning would be restricted to this type of business use. With these conditions in place, the board approve the rezoning.

In addition to the six zoning cases, the board of commissioners received a request to hear an appeal of a decision made by the zoning board of appeals, as well as weighing in on an annexation being discussed by the city of Woodstock.

During its meeting in February, the zoning board of appeals took up a request from Robert Smith to allow for a building setback to be reduced by 20 feet, with the zoning board of appeals reaching the decision to allow for a 10-foot reduction. In response, the owners of an adjacent property filed an appeal of the decision for the board of commissioners to take up at a meeting in April. However, Commissioner Steve West put forth a motion to table the request until he had the chance to meet with the applicants and see if the issue can be worked out before having to make a decision on whether or not to hear the appeal, which was approved.

The city of Woodstock has expressed interest in annexing a small parcel of unincorporated Cherokee County on the east side of Trickum Road just south of Little River. Currently zoned residential, the city’s plans call for it to be rezoned to open space for the development of a park in the area, which is consistent with the county’s future development map for the area. With the board seeing no issues with the plan, a motion was approved to draft a letter to Woodstock, informing the city the county voiced no objection to the proposal.

The board of commissioners also acted on the following items:

♦ The consent agenda, which included declaring a Ford Crown Victoria from the Cherokee Marshal’s Office surplus and donating it to the Public Safety Department at Reinhardt University, declaring two 2000 Model American LaFrance fire engines surplus and donating them to Baker County as soon as the recently ordered engines arrive, and authorizing obsolete technology equipment from multiple county agencies to be declared surplus, was approved.

♦ The board approved the purchase of a Ford F-150 truck for Animal Control from the low bidder, King Ford, in the amount of $25,248 to ♦ replace a totaled vehicle. The purchase approval included a budget amendment of $5,986, which was received from the insurance company for the totaled vehicle, to be put into the county vehicle fund.

♦ A pair of intergovernmental agreements with the City of Nelson were appro♦ ved. The first involved a donation of $1,000 to the Sequoyah Regional Library System, while the second surrounded a donation of $3,000 to the Cherokee Office of Economic Development.

♦ Two cardiac monitors to be used by Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services were approved to be purchased from Zoll Medical Corp. in the amount of $44,841.50.

♦ The board approved accepting a federal grant of $93,333 for the STOP Violence Against Women Act for calendar year 2020.

♦ An agreement ♦ with the Georgia Department of Transportation regarding obtaining the needed right-of-way for the project to widen Bells Ferry Road between Victory Drive and North Victoria Road was approved. Under the agreement, the county will pay to acquire all the rights-of-way, while GDOT will cover the cost of the engineering and construction phases of the project.

♦ The board approved a post-audit budget amendment in the total amount of $6,106,403.

The next meeting of the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners will be Tuesday, March 17. The meeting will begin with a work session at 3 p.m., followed by the regular meeting at 6 p.m.

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