Little River Park

Little River Park consists of a 101-acre tract of land and is planned for passive recreation. The city has planned to begin construction on the park this summer.

The city of Woodstock and GreenbergFarrow, the city’s consultant designing Little River Park, will host two meetings to gather public input for the development of the Little River Park master plan.

The workshop format will allow community members to review the initial park map, ask questions and offer suggestions for proposed park improvements and desired amenities. Community members are encouraged to drop-in at their convenience and offer input for the programming and design of the park.

Woodstock Parks and Recreation Director Preston Pooser said the park is the first the city has designed and built since the 1970s. The park to open in the city was Dupree Park.

“It’s an opportunity to have an impact on the quality of life for the citizens of Woodstock,” he said. “It’s one of our major parks; it’s going to serve the east side of town where we don’t have a park currently. It’s going to have ample area for trails, and it’s going to be an area where people are going to enjoy nature and the outdoors. You’re in the city of Woodstock, but you’re going to feel like you’re out in nature.”

The meetings will be held 5-7:30 p.m. March 14 and 19 in the City Annex Building 12453 Ga. Highway 92 in Woodstock.

Little River Park will be located off of Trickum Road and totaling 101 acres. The land will be used for passive recreation like nature trails, hiking and jogging trails, disc golf and other low-impact activities, according to the city. It will also provide on-site parking. The city is projected to begin construction for the park this summer.

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