Cherokee County School District students excelled in this year’s Student Technology Competition, with 53 placing first at regions.

The statewide Georgia Student Technology Competition program includes 16 categories of competition for students in grades 3-12. Three hundred and thirty-seven students put their technology skills to the test at the Piedmont Regional Technology Competition recently held at Woodstock Middle School.

Fifty-three CCSD students won first place in their respective categories, earning a spot at the statewide competition that will be held in March at Kennesaw State University’s Marietta campus.

The competition was organized and led by Shannon Carroll, CCSD’s supervisor of instructional technology and Jeff Pence, CCSD instructional technology specialist.

CCSD’s Region First-Place Winners (divisions include two grade levels:)

Avery Elementary School: Dakota Calhoun, Grades 3-4, Internet Applications

Carmel Elementary School: Alyssa Pope, Grades 5-6, Multimedia Applications

Cherokee High School: Sanjana Sharma, Grades 11-12, Device Modification; Lexi Anne Rodkey, Grades 11-12, Digital Photo Production; Nathan Gramza, Grades 9-10, Video Production

Clark Creek Elementary School STEM Academy: Lucas Herrera, Grades 3-4, 3D Modeling; Juliette Kvenild, Grades 5-6, Graphic Design; Arcadian Freund, Grades 3-4, Mobile Apps; Drennan Snyder, Grades 3-4, Project Programming

Creekland Middle School: Wyatt Hirschy, Grades 5-6, Game Design; Michael Abdinoor, Grades 7-8, Graphic Design

Creekview High School: Trey Stannard and Pierson Moss, Grades 9-10, Productivity Design

Dean Rusk Middle School: Nathan Boronat, Grades 7-8, Video Production

E.T. Booth Middle School: Ari Cephas, Grades 7-8, 3D Modeling; Gavin Letendre and Dylan Fallin, Grades 5-6, Audio Production; Anthony Kahn, Grades 7-8, Audio Production; Shawn Cole, Grades 7-8, Digital Photo Production; Kamdyn Novak and Allan Berry, Grades 7-8, Game Design; Grace Lancaster and Haylee Castens, Grades 7-8, Internet Applications; Nathaniel Hughes, Grades 7-8, Mobile Apps; Terra Price and Aaliyah Murry, Grades 7-8, Multimedia Applications; Nicholas Knerr, Grades 7-8, Project Programming; Jason West, Grades 7-8

Holly Springs Elementary School STEM Academy: Anna Kate McNeal and Emily Fernandes, Grades 5-6, Device Modification; Aaron Jacobs and Blake McNeal, Grades 3-4

Indian Knoll Elementary School: Anthony Dagostino, Grades 3-4, Audio Production; Finley Malcolm, Grades 3-4, Digital Photo Production; Paxton Miller, Grades 3-4, Multimedia Applications; Ryan Wexler, Grades 3-4, Productivity Design; Ayah Mahi, Grades 5-6, Productivity Design; Alex Severson, Grades 5-6, Project Programming; Maddox Grummer, Grades 3-4, Video Production

Knox Elementary School STEM Academy: Cole Mizelle and William Foreman, Grades 5-6, Robotics

Little River Elementary School: Noah Howard, Grades 3-4, Robotics

Macedonia Elementary School: Bradlee Rodriguez, Grades 5-6, Digital Photo Production; Blakely Turner and Mary Ella Norton, Grades 3-4, Graphic Design; Benjamin Rodriguez and Camden Johnson, Grades 5-6, Video Production

Mill Creek Middle School: Caleb Glisson, Grades 5-6, 3D Modeling; Landon Fay and Braden Timbol, Grades 7-8, Animation; Maggie Ku, Grades 5-6, Internet Applications

Oak Grove Elementary School Fine Arts Academy: C.J. Steelman, Grades 3-4, Device Modification

Sequoyah High School: Lily Carras, Grades 9-10, Game Design; Brett Lougheed, Grades 9-10, Internet Applications

Sixes Elementary School: Sophia Johnson, Grades 3-4, Animation

Woodstock Elementary School: Clayr Mobley, Grades 5-6, Animation

Woodstock Middle School: David Holbrook, Grades 5-6, Mobile Apps

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