Verizon 100K Grant Presented at Chatt Tech

Officials who gathered for the Verizon Foundation $100,000 grant presentation at Chattahoochee Tech included, shown here from left to right, Chattahoochee Tech Foundation Vice Chair Mark Goddard, TCSG Commissioner Greg Dozier, Verizon Director of Government Affairs Julie Smith, City of Acworth Alderman Tim Houston, Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tricia Pridemore, Michelle Arrington, of Verizon, State Rep. Matthew Gambill, and Chattahoochee Tech President Dr. Ron Newcomb.

The Chattahoochee Tech Foundation was presented with a $100,000 grant by the Verizon Foundation on Monday to fund a STEM educational initiative for Chattahoochee Tech students needing help with completing the math courses required for graduation.

“All degree programs at the college require the completion of a college-level math course, and many students who faced the challenge of completing this required course simply gave up and didn’t finish their degree,” said Chattahoochee Tech Vice President of Academic Affairs and Economic Development Jason Tanner. “Many of these students are first-generation college students who also are classified as economically disadvantaged. By giving up on college because of one math class, that left them without a degree that could have helped them achieve employment in a chosen career or advance in their current career.”

In the 2019 academic year, Chattahoochee Tech had a total enrollment of 14,943 students, of which 36 percent were classified as economically disadvantaged, and 46 percent were first-generation college students, according to Tanner. The Verizon Foundation grant will help fund more instructors for a learning support math class that will be taken in conjunction with the math courses required for graduation. To facilitate student success, instructors of both courses will coordinate instruction to address any learning issues that students may have with math concepts and application. This grant also will be used to provide computer hardware to facilitate instruction.

“Verizon remains steadfast in our commitment to bridging the digital divide in underserved communities,” said Julie Smith, Director-Government Affairs, Verizon. “Our mission is to broaden opportunities that prepare individuals for meaningful careers now, and for generations to come. We are proud to partner with CTC’s leadership to work toward this goal in the community.”

“We are very grateful to the Verizon Foundation for providing the support that is needed by many of our students as they navigate the educational process,” said Chattahoochee Tech President Ron Newcomb. “Thanks to this significant grant, these students will be successful in completing their college degrees, becoming the highly skilled professionals needed within our workforce. Increasing a credentialed workforce in STEM fields is vital to ensuring economic growth.”

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