A Canton woman was arrested on Thursday morning and charged with aggressive driving and pointing a weapon at another driver.

According to a Canton Police Department report:

At about 9 a.m. Thursday, officers responded to a report that the driver of a Toyota Tacoma traveling east on Riverstone Parkway had pointed a gun at another driver.

An officer who was nearby spotted the Tacoma and pulled it over. The officer asked the driver if she had pointed a gun at another motorist. The driver of the Tacoma, Judy E. Hawkins, 60, of Canton told the officer that another driver had cut her off in traffic and made an obscene gesture. Hawkins said she then pointed her fingers at the other driver and said, "Bang, bang, bang."

The officer then asked Hawkins if she had a gun in the truck. She replied that she did and that it was under the driver's seat. Officers found a loaded .22 caliber revolver under the truck's driver seat.

As officers talked to Hawkins, the other driver told another officer that the incident started at the intersection of Ga. Highway 20 and Ga. Highway 5 as she tried to turn left onto Highway 5 from the left-hand lane. She told the officer that the driver of the Tacoma also wanted to turn left onto Highway 5, in the right-hand lane. After they both turned, the woman told the officer the driver of the pickup kept slowing down and speeding up  behind her, while flashing obscene gestures. She said the woman in the Tacoma later pointed a gun directly at her. The description of the silver color revolver matched Hawkins' gun and she was arrested.

Hawkins was booked into the Cherokee County jail and was released on bond later Thursday.

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