Canton Police Chief Mark Mitchell, Deputy Chief Steven Merrifield and Sgt. Tiffany Cromer went live on Facebook for 30 minutes on Tuesday night to answer questions, go over tips for staying safe in the hottest months and invite the community to upcoming initiatives.

The three went into ways to keep children and pets safe in the hotter weather. Cromer said that you should never leave an animal in the car even if the window is down. If you do see an animal alone in a car, call 911 while trying to locate the owner. You can find more tips for keeping pets safe at

Mitchell gathered information from to share with the live audience regarding children and hot cars. He said that on average, every 10 days a child dies from heat stroke in the U.S. and children’s bodies heat up 3 to 5 times quicker than adults' bodies.

He used the acronym ACT (Avoid, Create, Take Action) to provide tips on how to prevent hot car deaths. Avoid leaving your children in the car at all, even with the window down the car can heat up 19 degrees in just 10 minutes. Create reminders includes putting a stuffed animal in the child’s seat when they aren’t in the car and then putting the stuffed animal beside you when they are in the car to make sure they are accounted for. Another tip was to put your purse or cell phone in the backseat to ensure the backseat is checked before leaving the vehicle. Take action is an encouragement to anyone who sees a child alone in a car to call 911 immediately. Mitchell said that it is taken seriously and all emergency services available will be in route immediately.

The online event began with Mitchell going over the April crime report and announcing that crime is down once again in the city of Canton and that the top crime was entering auto and theft by taking, but neither had a clear pattern.

Cromer went over the upcoming initiatives including roving roll call and coffee with a cop. Roving roll call will be at 5:30 p.m. May 31 at Publix, 120 Prominence Point Parkway. This is an opportunity for the community to see a shift switch as well as mingle with the officers and ask questions. Coffee with a Cop is being held 5-7 p.m. June 10 at Chick-fil-a, 2048 Cumming Highway. Mitchell said this month celebrates four years of the Coffee with a Cop initiative. Mitchell said that this has been their most successful initiative and a great way for the department to connect with the community.

The Canton Police Department holds Facebook Live events once a month to go over upcoming events, connect with the community through answering questions and deliver information about the department. 

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