The Canton City Council has approved conditional use permits for construction of 252 apartment units located at 591 Jackie Moore Lane and 208 apartment units located at 1010 Marietta Road.

The request for conditional use permits, which were presented by Parks Huff, an attorney for Loyd Development.

The request was shelved at the Nov. 21 City Council meeting due to traffic concerns.

Ward 1 Councilwoman JoEllen Wilson said at the Nov. 7 city council meeting that 460 apartments could put stress on Marietta Road in regards to traffic. She, as well as the rest of the Council, also expressed concerns about traffic in the area at their Nov. 21 meeting.

Council members approved the permits after a traffic study that showed the traffic coming in and out of Marietta Road would not be disruptive.

Mayor Gene Hobgood added a condition with the approval stating that Jackie Moore Lane will be realigned as a 90 degree intersection at Marietta Road. Jackie Moore Lane will also be reworked to match city street standards.

“I think that it is appropriate to re-submit that motion from two weeks ago to take Jackie Moore Lane up to city standards, as well as realigning it as a 90 degree intersection with Marietta Road to make it a little bit safer,” Ward 3 Councilman Nick Estes said.

The council also continued discussions on several ongoing topics. One of these topics includes a reduction of the required 10-foot peripheral parking lot landscape strip to 5 feet for a project on Old Ball Ground Highway. The request was made by Mondo Land Planning on behalf of Latimer Construction.

At an Oct. 14 meeting, the Canton Board of Zoning Appeals voted to approve the request to reduce perimeter parking with the condition that this would also apply to the landscape buffer behind the adjacent QuikTrip gas station — 950 Old Ball Ground Highway’s northern property line is shared with QuikTrip.

However, the other areas with a parking lot at 950 Old Ball Ground Highway were denied by the Canton Board of Zoning Appeals. Mondo Land Planning is requesting to have the peripheral parking landscape strip on the western side of the property reduced.

Another request that was discussed involved warehouse distribution at 141 Railroad St., site of the mixed-use development The Mill on Etowah. At the Nov. 18 planning commission meeting, the members voted to recommend the approval of warehouse distribution.

This request was discussed during the Canton Planning Commission’s work session on Nov. 6. The request was made by Grant Schmeelk of Dime.

At the meeting, commissioners raised concerns about potential traffic flow problems created by shipping trucks coming in and out of the development. The size of the trucks was also a concern. Commission member Leon Stafford brought up at that meeting that it would be a good idea to find out the size of the trucks, as well as how often the trucks would come in and out of the mill.

There was also a concern among members regarding the possible traffic flow in a tight quarter’s area like the mill. The mill currently has three entrances, with the third entrance leading into West Main Street.

At the Nov. 18 meeting, more information was presented to the commission to help ease their concerns.

Applicants reported there will be three deliveries a week coming out of the warehouse via cargo vans and there will be a delivery coming to the warehouse once or twice a week via a semi-truck. Delivery trucks will come in through the entrance near AutoZone at West Main Street. The size of the trucks is still unknown.

The request for a conditional use permit at 227 Marietta St. was also discussed.

At the Nov. 18 planning and commission meeting, the members voted to recommend approval of this request.

The owner of the property and townhouse developer, Brad Fisher, wants to bring new housing to downtown Canton. The project could be single or multi-family. It currently consists of four to five townhouses.

The townhouses would be a total of three stories high. The first level will be a garage and a bonus room. The second and third levels will be approximately 2,000 square feet of living space.

No new information was presented to the council.

These requests will be voted on Dec. 19.

Ethan is a reporter covering the cities of Holly Springs & Canton. He also covers city governments and lifestyle. He is a graduate of Kennesaw State University.

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