A Canadian seafood chain is setting sail to Cherokee County early next year, bringing its blend of Asian influence and Louisiana-style to Woodstock.

The Captain’s Boil, a seafood chain with 21 locations in Canada, will open a location along Highway 92 in Woodstock in late January to early February, said CEO Eugene Chan. Woodstock, along with three other locations in Georgia at Cumberland Mall in Cobb County, Lawrenceville, and Sandy Springs, will serve as the restaurant chain’s first ventures into America.

“We picked the greater Atlanta area because the demographics in Atlanta are excellent for our brand,” Chan said. “It’s a very diverse city, and we like the area. Atlanta is what we consider a food town, and there’s a lack of seafood choices. We think bringing our seafood to this area will do very well, and we like the demographics in Woodstock.”

Chan, a Chinese-Canadian, said he wanted to blend his influences together when creating The Captain’s Boil menu.

“It’s based off of the traditional Louisiana boil, and I expanded on that with an Asian influence,” he said. “I really liked the seafood boil when I was in New Orleans.”

The menu includes seafood prepared with a mix of Southern flavors and Asian influences, such as shrimp, crab legs, lobster, mussels, and crawfish. Seasoning includes lemon pepper, garlic, Cajun, and a special blended sauce when ordering a boil. Restaurant goers can choose to have the seafood hand-breaded and fried to order. Some of the sides available include corn, potatoes, Cajun fries, sausages, and okra, as well as “shareable” items, as the restaurant calls, such as gouda macaroni and cheese bites, chicken wings, breaded calamari, and fresh oysters. There are also a variety of dipping sauces and desserts.

Chan describes the restaurant as upscale, with a casual food experience.

“We’re looking for more of the millennial and upscale feel in our restaurant than you would in a traditional seafood boil restaurant,” he said.

Chan founded The Captain’s Boil in Toronto in 2015, with several other locations opening throughout Canada. He said the plan is to expand further in the U.S.

“Our goal was to expand in Canada, and then expand in the U.S.,” Chan said. “We’ve been working on this since the start of the year to bring this chain to the U.S.”

The Highway 92 location will be inside the former Folks Southern Kitchen building, 180 Parkway 575 #100 in Woodstock. For more information, visit thecaptainsboil.com.


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Jimmy Nomayo

"Chan describes the restaurant as upscale... ." Well, that's going to be hard for Woodstock residents to get used to. There will undoubtedly be resistance first since no one will recognize the typical chain "restaurants" that infest the Woodstock area. Good luck Mr. Chan, I hope you are successful!

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