A resident of the sprawling BridgeMill community was charged with theft and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon after a shooting at his home on Friday afternoon.

Bobby Dion Dallas, 43, of 526 Gold Shore Lane, Canton was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, theft by receiving stolen property and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. He was released from the Cherokee County jail on $8,687 bond.

According to a Cherokee Sheriff’s Office report:

Deputies were dispatched to a report of an accidental shooting inside a home. Once inside, they were directed to a bedroom where a woman was lying on a bed, bleeding from what was described as a gunshot wound to her upper arm.

The woman told deputies the shooting was an accident as a deputy began to give her first aid. She told him that the gun was in the top drawer of a night stand. The deputy paused giving first aid to retrieve the gun and unload the ammunition, including one spent shell casing, and then resumed first aid until paramedics arrived.

The night stand had a partially burned marijuana cigarette on it and another that had not been burned. Deputies noted the smell of marijuana smoke throughout the house.

As the victim was being treated another deputy questioned Dallas about the shooting. He said that he and the woman had been arguing, “but would not elaborate about what or anything else that happened.” Dallas told officers that he came into the room after hearing a gunshot and saw the victim bend over and fall onto the bed after shooting herself. He said the gun belonged to the victim.

Other people who were in the house were gathered — except one man who was bedridden — and interviewed about the incident. Detectives were called to the scene.

After questioning, Dallas was arrested and charged after another weapon that was determined to have been stolen was found in the house.

The woman who was shot was taken by ambulance to WellStar Kennestone Medical Center in Marietta.

The case remains under investigation.


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