The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners took action during Tuesday evening’s meeting to approve a legacy lot request as its meetings continue to resume a more traditional appearance.

The property under consideration, located at 375 Soap Creek Road in Ball Ground, was under consideration for the legacy lot designation following the submission of an application from property owners Thomas and Pamela Johnson. In the application, the Johnsons said they were wanting to subdivide their property and gift one of the divided parcels to their son so he can build a house on it, according to Cherokee County Zoning Manager Michael Chapman. However, as the property is zoned agricultural and thus requires lots to be at least two acres in size, splitting the property would result in one of the parcels to be smaller than that, which is another one of the reasons for applying for the legacy lot designation. Pamela Johnson was at the meeting, but had no additional information to add to Chapman’s presentation. With nobody signed up to speak either in favor of or opposition to the designation, the public hearing was closed, with the board then unanimously passing a motion approving the legacy lot from Commissioner Steve West.

“It does meet the criteria for a legacy lot, and seems to be a good reason for one,” West said.

The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners also acted on the following items:

♦ The consent agenda, which included amendments to both the mowing and maintenance agreement with the Georgia Department of Transportation on the State Route 369 at State Route 372 roundabout and to the right-of-way services agreement with Hutcheson Horticultural Co. and the surplus of five vehicles and one boat from the county fire department, was approved.

♦ A budget amendment for the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office was approved. County Manager Jerry Cooper said this amendment was in the amount of $1 million to create an account for non-managed inmate medical expenses to cover the healthcare costs of a county inmate awaiting trial on murder charges and is in the hospital due to serious medical conditions.

♦ Commissioner Benny Carter reminded everyone of the county’s plan to hold a community interest meeting regarding the Keep Cherokee Clean program at 6:30 p.m. on June 30 at the BridgeMill Fire Station Community Room.

♦ Johnston wanted to offer up special thanks to the county’s election staff for their hard work during the recent primary election, including having to go through nearly 50,000 absentee ballots to ensure all votes cast during the primary cycle were properly counted.

♦ A construction agreement with Bartow Paving Company for the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Woodstock Road and Victory Drive was approved. At a cost of $962,858.25, Bartow Paving was the lowest bidder on the project.

♦ The board approved an intergovernmental agreement with the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension for the development of an outdoor educational garden at Cherokee Veterans Park.

♦ The Community Development Block Grant 2020 Annual Action Plan was approved by the board to be submitted to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

♦ The board approved accepting the annual Aging Sub-Grant Agreement for fiscal year 2021 in the amount of $802,405.56.

♦ Agreements were approved with Southeastern Engineering and Calco Engineering to perform roadway designs for a pair of road improvement projects for the county. Southeastern Engineering will conduct the design on the Rhine Road Improvement Project, while Calco Engineering will handle design work on the Huey Barnes Lane Improvement Project.

♦ In order to comply with federal regulations, the board approved the Cherokee Area Transit System’s newest Public Transit Agency Safety Plan.

♦ A utility relocation agreement with Georgia Power, in the amount of $76,247 for the moving of facilities in conflict with the project to improve the Univeter Road at New Light Road intersection, was approved.

The next meeting of the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners will be Tuesday, July 7.


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