Bloom Hair Design vacated their 95 Palm St. location due to upcoming demolition for the Holly Springs Town Center development. They have turned over a new leaf and are now located at 3755 Marietta Highway.

Sisters Chelsey Wilkes and Jana Tillman opened Bloom Hair Design in November 2015 at 95 Palm St. in half of the historic E.M. Barrett Store. In 2018, Wilkes and Tillman decided to expand into the entire building, but they soon found out that the building may be demolished.

“We were told in June that there was a possibility the building would be demolished for the town center, so we stopped the renovation,” Wilkes said. “Then in July, we were told to go ahead and finish the renovation which we then completed in August.”

Wilkes commended city officials for their transparency during the long process of city meetings and deliberation. But in January of this year, the official decision was made to demolish the old Barrett store.

“We had been having conversations and looking at options for months since we knew that there was the possibility we needed to move,” Wilkes said.

Luckily, due to the city’s communication and a location being available, Bloom was closed for just one day for the move.

“It’s just so crazy because we loved it (the location) but we were afraid what the response would be,” Wilkes said. “But since the move, we have been overwhelmed by the customer response and we truly believe the location is even better now.”

The duo is playfully calling it “Bloom 4.0,” and customers are commenting that it’s the best yet. With new decor and a more cohesive feel, Bloom and all of its stylists are making their new location a home.

“We are very happy and appreciative to the city of Holly Springs,” Wilkes said. “Because even though the situation was unfortunate, we feel that everyone is moving forward in the best way possible.”

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