Following a speed study on Interstate 575, the Georgia Department of Transportation has approved a speed increase for the interstate, with the portion south of Riverstone Parkway in Canton going from 65 to 70 mph.

The speed limit on much of Interstate 575 will increase by 5 mph in the near future, authorities said.

From the spur route’s southern junction with Interstate 75 in Cobb County to the Riverstone Parkway exit in Canton, I-575 has a speed limit of 65 mph. However, following a GDOT study on the area, the agency determined that the speed limit for this portion of the interstate could be increased from 65 to 70 mph.

Under state law, interstate highways and other divided, controlled-access highways outside of urban areas with a population of at least 50,000 can have their speed limits raised to 70 mph, providing that the speed limit is designated with all of the appropriate and necessary signs, according to GDOT District 6 Communications Officer Mohamed Arafa.

“Georgia DOT conducted a speed study and found that an increase in the speed limit would be appropriate on I-575,” Arafa said.

Arafa said GDOT anticipated it would take no more than a couple of months to change all of the speed limit signs along the interstate, while he was not aware of any reactions or feedback the department had received from members of the public regarding the change.

“We may begin to receive some traveling public feedback once the signs of the new speed limit are up,” he added.

As part of the speed limit change, the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners recently approved a revised and updated list of roads within the county covered by speed detection permits. These revisions came to the county from GDOT, with the only change on the list reflecting the increase in the speed limit on the interstate, according to Cherokee County Community Development Agency Director Geoffrey Morton.

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