Truck in Waller case.JPG

This evidence photo presented at trial shows bullet holes in the victims’ truck.

A Marietta man received a 12-year sentence in Cherokee County Superior Court after being found guilty in a 2018 Woodstock road rage case.

Jayvon Rowha Waller, 28, was found guilty on three counts of aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and possession of marijuana. He was accused of shooting into a pickup carrying a couple and their 1-year-old child.

The road rage incident occurred May 22, 2018, on Ga. Highway 92 near Hames Road after a Chevy Silverado truck cut in front of Waller’s Volkswagen Jetta. Prosecutors alleged Waller tailgated, then pulled up next to the truck where he yelled at the driver and made an obscene gesture before using a Glock 23 piston to shoot through his passenger window into the driver’s side of the truck.

One of the bullets grazed the driver’s back, while another broke the rear passenger window and four lodged in the side of the Silverado.

According to testimony, Waller left the scene and drove to First Baptist Church Woodstock, where investigators said he hid several shell casings in the trunk.

Jurors deliberated about three hours before finding Waller guilty on all five counts. Waller was found guilty Aug. 29 and sentenced in late September.

“Jayvon Waller took out his anger on another motorist, created dangerous conditions for other drivers on a busy highway, and shot a weapon into a vehicle with three passengers. After the incident, he did not accept responsibility for his actions and tried to hide evidence,” said Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Zachary Smith, who prosecuted the case. “These are serious offenses and we are pleased the jury found him guilty on all counts.”

Senior Judge Frank C. Mills, III sentenced Waller to 12 years with the first four years to be served in state prison.

“Road rage is something that happens all over the country. Fortunately, most incidents do not involve firearms,” District Attorney Shannon Wallace said. “When Mr. Waller pulled alongside the victim’s truck, took out his firearm, and started shooting, he placed many lives in danger. Had those bullets traveled a slightly different path, this case could have easily been a homicide.”

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