CANTON – BEATS will host the final day of the third annual Haunted Horse Hill on Thursday from 7-10 p.m. (or until the line ends) at Mariposa Farms 75 Red Gate Trail in Canton.

The event raises money for BEATS, a therapy company that specializes in the use of hippotherapy and aquatic therapy as primary tools of treating children and adults with disabilities. This therapy helps to improve balance, muscle strength and speech.

“BEATS provides therapy with our horses,” Founder Bethany Nugent said. “We also provide recreational opportunities for individuals with special needs using horses, with one example being the kids learning to ride a horse.”

BEATS established a scholarship program to help families of special needs children cover the costs of horse and aquatic activities. BEATS also hosts the Special Olympics team for Cherokee County.

The Haunted Horse Hill event started when one of Nugent’s volunteers, Ross Spencer, invited her to one of his haunted houses that he created. “I was blown away with how talented he was,” Nugent said. “I was expecting something where I was going to stick my hands in noodles or something like that, but it ended up being nothing like that.”

Spencer told Nugent that he created the house just for fun, so Nugent decided to make the smaller un-occupied barn behind the main barn a haunted house to use for a yearly fundraiser event.

“He’s been building haunted houses in his backyard since he was 10 years old,” Nugent said. “Spencer is able to do what he does best, but now on a bigger scale.”

Admission to Spencer's haunted house is $10 per person.

There will also be a kids’ zone consisting of a bounce house, games, face painting and pumpkin painting. Kids can also trick-or-treat at the stalls of the horses. The horses will be in costume. 

Kids’ zone admission is $5 per person.

A costume contest was held on the previous four nights, but will not be held Thursday due to pending weather that night and concerns over amount of kids in attendance.

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