Brad Laird

The Ball Ground-based company NXT Communications Corporation recently announced the appointment of Brad Laird as Vice President of Engineering.

Laird will oversee all aspects of technical development of NXTCOMM’s electronically steerable antennas for several defense and commercial mobility applications.

Laird has over 21 years of hardware engineering, and product development and sustainability experience. He previously served as the senior engineering manager for Kymeta Corporation, a metamaterials electronically steerable antenna startup, where he drove product development for Kymeta’s Ku-band satellite antenna technology product, leading a 20-member engineering and technician team.

Most recently, he was senior engineering manager for Accenture Industry X, where he led teams that released new consumer devices, edge devices and architectures for the Internet of Things market. Laird also founded a startup that built and tested an affordable electric vehicle prototype.

Laird also brings 16 years’ experience at the global semiconductor industry supplier LAM Research Corporation, based in Fremont, California.

“I joined NXTCOMM not just for its technology but also for its people,” Laird said, describing the company’s leaders as accomplished and humble with a grounded product development strategy. “This team knows we’ve got to be innovative, but we also need to go out with proven technology. I’m thrilled to be developing product here.”

Early in his career, Laird served in the U.S. armed forces, achieving the rank of captain in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, where he trained warfighters in the National Training Center.


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