Residents of Ball Ground may soon see a slight reduction in their waste services rates after a new contract was approved by the city council.

In late 2019, the council was informed that the Santek company, who had been providing solid waste services for the city, would be increasing its prices as a result of the increasing costs of hauling away materials that could be recycled separately from traditional waste materials. As a result of this price increase, the city council approved a motion to move forward in seeking proposals from other waste service companies and invited Santek to participate in the process as well.

During the Jan. 9 meeting, City Manager Eric Wilmarth informed the council that two proposals had been received, one from Advanced Disposal, the company that currently provides solid waste services to the city of Canton, and the other from Waste Pro. When presenting the information the city had received, Wilmarth said both companies had submitted strong proposals and he felt both were strong companies to choose from. However, when weighing a multitude of factors, and not just the cost involved, he made a recommendation to select Advanced Disposal as the city’s new waste services provider. A subsequent motion to approve a three-year contract with Advanced Disposal passed unanimously.

Under the contract approved by the Ball Ground City Council, recycling will not be a standard service, but residents can choose to have this included for an additional cost. Should citizens decide not to have recycling be part of their residential waste services, the fee will be $16.50 per month, which is a $0.50 reduction in cost from the most recent contract in place with Santek. Those who choose to have recycling included will see a $6 fee increase from the previous contract, jumping up to $23 per month.

A representative from Waste Pro addressed the council, expressing his belief that his company had been the stronger proposal submitted to the city, and asked Wilmarth and the council for clarity on the city’s proposal process. Wilmarth said he met with Waste Pro’s representative shortly thereafter and reviewed how the process works.

“Proposals are not based on price alone,” Wilmarth said, adding that there are other factors involved in the selection process, unlike bids, which are based solely on the quoted price submitted to the city.

Although the contract has been passed by the city council, Wilmarth said Thursday evening that it had not yet been signed and made fully official.

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So the city manager can try to say he saved people money, but at the expense of recycling and the environment? Come on, what a farce. How much more was Santek wanting to charge and include recycling? Time for new city management!

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