Michigan-based Backyard Products LLC, an outdoor building and playground equipment manufacturing company is consolidating divisional operations into a single facility in Canton, the company revealed on Thursday.

Backyard Products, LLC will be consolidating all of the operations in its play division (which produces playground equipment under the brand names of Swing-N-Slide, PlayNation and Gorilla) into a renovated 220,000 square foot facility in Canton.

“By the end of this year, we will consolidate all of our Play division activities under one roof in a large new facility in Canton, Georgia, to more efficiently service our customers and improve our long-term competitiveness in the marketplace,” Backyard Products CEO Thomas van der Meulen said in a prepared statement.

With the consolidation, van der Meulen said operations at Backyard’s Swing-N-Slide facility in Janesville, Wisconsin will be phased out by the end of the year, while three manufacturing and warehouse operations in Canton will be brought together under one roof. He also said all of the employees at the Janesville facility have been offered opportunities for employment at the facility in Canton or at a facility in Monroe, Michigan, where the company is headquartered. The company estimated that approximately one-third of its Wisconsin employees will take the opportunity and relocate.

“Swing-N-Slide, PlayNation and Gorilla brands are core to our leadership position in the play industry,” van der Meulen said in his statement. “We will continue to focus on further growing our market position and brand penetration.”

Backyard Products purchased PlayNation in September, 2017. The consolidated play division facility will be located next door to its current PlayNation operations at 190 Etowah Industrial Court, Canton.

David Seitz, the president of Backyard Products’ Play Division, said this consolidation will add potentially between 20 and 30 jobs to the local workforce. He also said the current timeline has events beginning in June, with everything hopefully wrapped up by the end of October.

In a press release, Cherokee Office of Economic Development Chairman Marshall Day said, “We’re proud to have the Play division of Backyard Products headquartered in Canton and look forward to their continued success.”

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