One confirmed case of COVID-19 and three presumptive cases have been reported at an assisted living facility in Cherokee County.

A resident of The Retreat at Canton, located off East Cherokee Drive in Hickory Flat, has been confirmed to have COVID-19, while two other residents and one employee of the facility have tested presumptively positive for the virus, according to Phoenix Senior Living spokeswoman Yolanda Hunter.

“All three residents are comfortable and self-isolated in their suites and remain asymptomatic at this time,” Hunter said in a news release. “Our employee, who is also asymptomatic, is in self-isolation at their home. All employees who had direct contact with the three residents are under a 14-day isolation at home and are providing daily reports of their condition.”

Along with isolating those who have tested presumptively positive or were in contact with these residents, The Retreat has put a series of protocols into place to try and protect residents. This includes not permitting visitors to the facility, screening all new residents and residents who have visited health care facilities and having all vendor deliveries be made curbside.

Other assisted living facilities throughout the county have also taken precautions to ensure that residents are kept as safe.

Officials with Insignia of Towne Lake in Woodstock, Provident Village in Canton, Benton House in Woodstock and Manor Lake in the BridgeMill community have all said they are restricting visitations to their respective communities to just medical personnel.

Statements from Cameron Hall in Canton, The Waterford at Hidden Lake in Canton, Merrill Gardens in Woodstock, The Oaks at Towne Lake in Woodstock, The Reserve at Towne Lake in Woodstock and The Arbor at BridgeMill all also said the facilities are not allowing visitors.

Benton House officials said additional precautions include screening all incoming packages, while community-style dining and communal group activities have been discontinued. Both facility employees and medical professionals entering the community are having their temperatures taken to check for fevers, while Manor Lake is also screening those arriving at the facility. After being screened, Manor Lake employees are required to thoroughly and carefully wash their hands before beginning their shifts and must wear gloves at all times while working.

According to a statement from Merrill Gardens, “Visitors are not allowed at this time. We are setting up outside delivery zones for families to drop off supplies if needed. All outings have been canceled. We are continuing our Anytime Dining program with table service for meals, but have ceased the use of any self-service stations. In addition to ongoing cleaning, the dining room now has additional 30-minute sanitation times between breakfast and lunch, and again between lunch and dinner. We are encouraging social distancing in the dining room, with reduced or modified seating. We are offering complimentary tray meal service to resident apartments.”

In a statement from Five Star Senior Living, which operates Cameron Hall, all non-medical resident outings and other social events have been postponed. Packages being delivered to The Arbor at BridgeMill are being received outside the building by staff members, and residents who may have to leave the facility for medical reasons are being carefully screened upon their return and asked to wash their hands, while their wheelchairs and walkers are carefully sanitized.

“The Lodge at BridgeMill is currently following state and federal health agencies’ recommendations in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” The United Group of Companies Marketing Specialist Greg Eves said in a prepared statement. “To avoid large gatherings, we have closed our clubhouse and community amenity spaces, canceled upcoming public and private events, and restricted our meal service program to dine-out only. We are also encouraging our residents to refrain from inviting guests to the community, and to begin ordering groceries and other basic needs online.”

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