Those looking to set their budgets straight and get out of debt in 2022 might be able to get some help from a local author.

Jessi Fearon, a Woodstock resident and the author of “Real Life on a Budget,” has written a new book, “Getting Good With Money,” which publishes Jan. 18.

In “Getting Good With Money,” Fearon shares the story of her family of five becoming debt-free on a salary of just over $47,000 a year, and offers advice for managing money. She said she hopes readers will have an actionable plan for their money and be able to take intentional direction in their lives.

Fearon said she wrote the book to help others who may be struggling with finances.

“I wrote this book because I know what it’s like to have your card declined when trying to buy groceries,” she said. “I know how overwhelming it can be when you don’t (know) where to start and when you feel like you’re being crushed by the weight of debt, lack of savings, and no idea where your money goes every payday. I wanted to help others who feel this way know that they too can succeed with money.”

For anyone setting goals for the new year, Fearon said she recommends starting small.

“If you’ve struggled with managing money for years it’s going to be hard to break those old bad habits,” she said. “Start small. If you run out of the gate trying to go too big you’ll burn out before February 1st.”

For example, people can track their spending for the month, Fearon said, and evaluate whether money is going toward their future or not.

“Getting Good With Money” is available for preorder at The e-book is $9.99, and hard copies vary by vendor. It will be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Apple Books and in the Google Play store, and more.


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