Cliff Cochran will soon release the second book in the Kaiyo trilogy, a story of mystery and adventure.

Cochran, a Woodstock attorney and father of three, started writing down the stories he told his children but soon turned those stories into “Kaiyo — The Lost Nation,” a Christian novel with themes of adventure and family.

“I never thought that I would write a book, ever,” Cochran said. “I still smile big when I am called an author. As an attorney, I often write legal pieces like letters, briefs and pleadings. But those are different; legal writing is usually meant to persuade, not to entertain. But what I did do, and still do, is tell stories.”

As a father and a creative thinker, Cochran is known among his family and friends for having encouraging and adventurous stories. When his oldest daughter, Brooke, asked him to write down the stories she and her siblings grew up with, Cochran had a bigger idea.

“Brooke’s idea got me to thinking. While I didn’t want to write a series of short stories, I did, however, like the setting and the characters in those stories. That got me started with ‘Kaiyo – The Lost Nation’,” Cochran said.

The trilogy follows Kaiyo, a grizzly cub rescued by the McLeods, a ranching family in modern-day Montana. Together they become combatants in the ancient wars between unseen nations.

Although he never expected himself to become an author (and a popular one at that), Cochran says that he found himself excited to write and missing the characters when he wasn’t writing.

“I knew I had more to tell,” Cochran told the Tribune. “I quickly started working on ‘Raphael’ even before ‘Kaiyo’ was submitted to the publisher, I continued writing ‘Raphael’ and started writing ‘Defectors,’ the third and final book.”

Cochran is expecting “Raphael” to be out by the end of October. The story will continue Kaiyo’s story of adventure, trial and triumph.

“There are concepts and ideas in the Kaiyo stories that awaken an understanding of our squandered past while rekindling an awareness of an adventurous eternity,” Cochran said. “So, my hope is that ‘Kaiyo’ will fascinate the reader and stir their hearts to wonder.”

Cochran hopes that readers will read deeper into Kaiyo’s journey and allow it to give them a better understanding of their own relationship with God.

After the third book is released in spring of 2020, Cochran says that the future for the books is unknown but exciting.

“Among the comments we consistently get is that ‘Kaiyo’ should be a movie. ... If anything is true about this writing journey, I loved the joy that comes from thinking of the possibilities,” Cochran said.

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